Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lets Start Again

Plus some updates.


So at work they are "encouraging" us to have people call for quotes. Because the economy is so horrible, people are looking to cut their costs, GEICO wants people to call to see if we can save them money. I am not a sales person and I feel weird asking anyone in particular to call. Well this lack of participation has gotten me a slap on the wrist, so now I need help. Can one of my readers, pretty please, call for me? You can call for auto, home, and renters. I think you can call for motorcycle, but I'm not sure. You do not have to buy anything for me to get credit!

Anywho, if one of my darling readers could call 1-800-841-3000 and give the the code 113038, I would be forever grateful. Thanks in advance!


Derek and I are hoisting up to Disneyland in October. We will drive up on the 2nd and are hoping to do a meet and greet on the 3rd. So if any of you will be able to got to Disneyland on October 3, leave a comment or email me at missxomisery at The 4th we will still be there, but our pals April and Doug are coming up to spend some time with us, so we made Saturday listener day :)


So last July (08) I had made the decision to be a vegetarian. I did really well at first. During the holidays I hit a bump. Because food is an emotional thing, I felt like Christmas wasn't the same unless I had my usual type of meal. So I tried with the vegetarian way again. Did ok for awhile and hit another bump. Then I gave up. I got so tired of people making such a huge deal out of it and Derek wasn't to thrilled with the lack of meat in his diet. I did a little soul searching and decided that I can't give up. Not only do I feel like crap physically, I actually have been somewhat depressed when I started eating meat again. Now that i am armed with more knowledge on how I will be mentally when situations arise, I have a new look on it and plan on not hitting those bumps. I'm pretty excited this time around. My mom gave me a "make my own recipe" cook book. So maybe I'll have a cookbook someday. who knows. I am really trying to be optimistic.

i think that's all for now. I am hoping to get more into blogging. I lost my inspiration for awhile, but i'm feeling good about what's to come.