Friday, June 27, 2008

Shameless Promotion

So, my wonderful employer has asked that I send the following to my friends and family via email. I hate when I get emails like that. So I figured I would post it here. If it makes me look good for the bigwigs, why not.

Hi Friend and/or family!

I hope your day is going well...

Times are tough and prices are high, so we are having a special campaign to refer

friends and family to GEICO to see if they can save money on their insurance.

All you need to do is CALL the number above to get a FREE rate quote.

We have great rates and service, so hopefully you’ll be able to save and make the switch

to GEICO, but even if you don’t, I get credit for the quote, so please CALL TODAY!

Give my unique code when you call: 113038.

Please pass this information to your friends and family

to see how much they can save too!

Thanks-- Nessa

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I WAS stimulated

So I was starting to feel better about everything, we had some great podcasts come out, things at home were good, work was getting better. Then I got my government stimulus check on Tuesday! Hurrah!

So i had all these things I had planned on buying, and I need work clothes pretty badly.

Then I am going to work Wednesday morning and hear BANG. I was like what the fuck. Then I hear BANG followed by flump flump flump. I was like fuck thats my car. SO I full over on the side of the highway and my front tire exploded. So I had to spend a big chunk of my "fun" money on tires. BWA BWA BWAAAAAAAAAA!

So I purchased some work pants, some t shirts, I need to go get new chonies and bras, I also stocked up on my makeups, I spent more on make up then I did on clothes...Is that bad?

i just talked to Ricky and we talked about hooking up when he's in the LAs! I need to pick something for us to do Friday or Saturday. YAY!

Then the following weekend is Dad, Tim C., and possibly Auntie Vera. Speaking of Dad, while I was shopping on the internets, I saw the following:

My dad is EXPANDING! Can I have an increase in my allowance?

Oh, and I bought the black cherry color :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This vidjoe is humorous

So i was looking at the as I there is a youtube video in response to the above song. I think Taylor is trying to tell me something.


And Walt, Episode 38...probably my favorite ever because of you.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Breakdown, party of one

Ok, so i usually am not a high strung person. I am pretty good about letting things go. If something annoys me, I say my piece and let it go. I am not angry at anyone, just kind of sad.

My sister left for Idaho yesterday. My sister is a pain in my ass. I mean, really. But I still have a feeling of responsibility for her and I worry constantly. This passed month, I have been so worried and stressed about her. Awhile ago she was let go from her job. She has slowly sold off all of her belongings and it got to where she had nothing left. My mom said the only way she would help her is if she moved. So my step-dad flew in yesterday and they started driving up this morning. I told my sister that I hope she can get herself into a better place. Sometimes the people we think are our friends are actually poison to our soul. I feel that some of my sister's friends were her poison. I feel a little relieved and also a little sad. Ultimately being up in Idaho is my goal, maybe in the next two years.

With the stress of my sister and concern over other aspects of my life, I haven't slept more than 5 hours a night. I finally exploded into a ball of tears at work. My poor supe thought I was being bitchy at first because I was being so disespectful, and finally he just asked why I was so angry. I just lost it. So he said I could take Wednesday off and I always have thursday off, so my days have consisted of sleep, mario kart, dinner with the step dad, and researching the veggie diet. (kudos to the meat free radio boys for their emails!) I feel ok now, I think my mom was right about me needing therapy. Bwa bwa.

In other news...Everyone has returned home from the Orlandos gaydays and I have enjoyed the pictures and videos :) I got a little misty when I watched PIMC's video because I so wanted to go. I am going next year. I need me some Taylor love ;) hahah! And who knew Rodan was so cute! And from I hear, everyone got along with everyone and that makes me so grateful to be part, even if it's a tiny one, of this community.

Speaking of podcasting. I will be meeting Ricky around the 4th of July, I may be able to meet Dad aka Big Fatty the following weekend with other special guests (I hope). Something may be happening with Wes and Mary around the 21st and Phreddy is later in the week. And my 5 year wedding anniversary is the 7th of July. I will have a busy month.

Who wants to win the lottery and be my sugar daddy or momma? And you botches need to cough up your MarioKart codes, hahaha I said botches.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Birthdays, Family, Food

So I haven't really done a personal update in awhile. I am so busy bitching about everything else that isn't as personal and thats lame.

My birthday was quiet. Just like I wanted. I do have some fabulous friends that gave me very nice pressies...and the darling listeners who called, wrote, made videos, I was so overwhelmed. I lag hard on the thank you notes though. I will send then ASAP. So I started my 30's the way I wanted. So that was good.

My sister...well, she got fired from her job because she was absent more than she went. Her previous employer stopped paying unemployment and she "couldn't" find a job. So she is selling all of her belongings and moving up to Idaho to live in my mom's basement. Not surprised it happened, am surprised it took as long as it did. I hope she get better and grows up. She's 26 now...Being lame is kinda old.

Food. I have decided that I will venture in to the veggie world. I did a vegetarian diet when I was 19, but not a healthy way. So I have been doing some reading and research and have done one week of a pretty healthy diet. My downfall is I love the cheese. I would choose cheese over cookies, cake, brownies...even ice cream. I know Walt and Holly are cringing. I think I am pretty lucky that I will try anything once and I have a pretty good appreciation for different foods.

I am looking forward to the Meat Free Radio podcast. In addition to listening to three lovely guys, I may pick up some tips and ideas. I do need some ideas for tofu. I have very little experience with it, so that is my next step of research.

Any ideas from you foodies or vegetarians out there? Anything you didn't like? I don't plan on going vegan. I am just testing the waters right now.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Venting about podcasting

I preface this by saying this is my personal blog and has no reflection on the opinions of others. So if you all want to talk garbage, talk it this way. Cause podcasters are good for some shit slinging. This is my venting room, if you don't like it, don't read.

After attempting to catch on podcasts, I must have heard 5 times that we (WMBYS) podcast too much. Now listen here, I have grown to love each of you for your own shows. And yes there was a point where I said I liked the group shows, but this is when you were doing your own and your own was your priority! So those of you pointing fingers at my ( I say my, because this is my opinion) show saying we podcast too frequently, yes youre not doing your own show twice a week, but if you count all the "guest spots" youre doing...

I guess what I am trying to say that yes I can appreciate the cross-overs and the group shows because everyone wants that exposure to new audience members. And yes I can admit that I have been a guest on other shows once in awhile. But there is such a thing as overkill. I would like to listen to people on their own show for awhile. Because really, do I need to listen to four group shows, from four different podcasts, with the same people? No.

I still adore all of my podcasting pals, but really...even if it's a joke, it's not so funny when it's said three or four times by the same people on different shows. That puts a negative spin on our show and the work us three put into it.

So either email your opinions to us, well me because I am asking for it, or don't say anything at all. i have learned from personal experience that even if you had the best intentions in what you say or even if it's a joke, it's not always understood in that context and if you don't have anything nice, shut your face.

And Wes, I apologize for barking at you on the Skypes...You were not the subject of my frustration that day. And youre hot.