Saturday, December 29, 2007


haha the restrooms are closed.

So tomorrow afternoon, April, Derek, April's mom, and I will be heading up for three days and two nights at Disneyland. Woohoo! April, has been my friend since we were seven. We are both about to turn 30. Since April is my dearest friend, I wanted to do something nice for her. So Derek and I took my profit sharing money and booked a room with the Disneyland Hotel and park hopper tickets for her mom, derek, and I for her her 30th birthday (which is on New Years Eve). She is so excited. I am so happy that I was in the position to do this for her.

So I won't get to really talk to my pals here on the internets, but I hope you all have a wonderful (and safe) new years eve and have nothing but good things coming to you in 2008


Friday, December 28, 2007

Skype Me Baby

XO_Nessa <-- That's me on the Skype. Add me bitches!

Also, Just for research sake, what programs do you all use for recording and editing your podcasts? (I have a PC)

Taylor, I don't know how you read this dummies book, I am lost in it. haha!

Ok I'm gonna go play with this thing.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Spoiled Rotten and Bring on New Years

So My boss was nice enough to let me go home early on Christmas eve. When I came home, I expected to find April's parents cooking our Christmas dinner. Being that we were going to eat at 6 and the turkey needs to cook for awhile. 2:30 and the house is empty...3:00 no parents. Finally at 3:45 we have parents and Sandy (april's mom) is panicing about the turkey.

So one minor set back. Dinner was fabulous. We had turkey, hassleback potatoes, mushroom sage stuffing, cranberry dipping sauce for the turkey, panzenella salad, gravy, this greenbean shallot dish and pumpkin cheesecake. Although the pumpkin cheesecake tasted more like pumpkin pie than a cheesecake.

We also had drinks o' plenty. We were drinking 357's. Which is a shot of Vodka, a shot of spiced rum, and a shot and a half of Amaretto, then you fill the rest of the glass up with 7 up. We watched Peewee's Christmas special, Garfield Christmas special, then we watched Journey and Queen videos. The night was fine until Derek puked on himself, puked on Maggie's stairs (yes my dog uses stairs to get on our bed), In our walk in closet, in the hallway, and in the bathtub. So a night of drinking and eating brownies has created brown stains all over my house :(! So I was up until 4am, scrubbing the carpet, being angry and embarrassed, and extremely tired.

I was up at 8am to make cinnamon rolls. We munched on breakfast and waited for April's parents to come back. We got our goodies from our stockings ( I got an assortment of lotion and sprays from bath and bodyworks and some tarts for my burner)

We then opened our pressies. I was spoiled yet again. I got:

2 Kitchen aid utensil sets in red (to match my stand mixer I bought myself in February)
a kitchen aid emulsion blender in red
a kitchen aid mandolin in red
Some nice crocks for the oven
An assorment of hello kitty items (pens, paper, lunch containers)
The golden compass books
hello kitty pj's
gift card for bed bath and beyond
Mario Galaxy for wii with the "help guide"
a sandlewood reed diffuser.
a ipod case
a pink wii remote cover
an elliott smith hoodie
Bill and Teds excellent adventure
To live and Die in LA hahaha
and Young Guns 2

My husband hates that I love kitchen items for Christmas, but I love it. So with my gift card I will invest in a new steak knife set and cooks knives. Maybe a new pan.

Oh yea...My husband also got me a headset mic for my computer and the Podcasting for dummies book. This I found extremely funny since Holly, Walt, and I joke about about borrowing Taylor's. My husband said that maybe we i would like to know how podcasts work since I listen to so many. Sounds fishy to me. hahaha!

Ok I am extremely tired and I am back to work tomorrow.

This time next week, I will be in Disneyland! hehe!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

What I will be Watching on Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to all my pals. Love you like family! XO

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Great Good and Bad

So first off, the great news. Derek and I found a condo that is the next cul-de-sac over. The owner called yesterday and said we wanted to meet with us on Saturday to sign the lease. So, by the way I see it, we'll be moving on Jan 15th. So that is a huge relief.

The good news. My pal April's mom is in town for Chrimbal and April's 30th birthday. April has been my pal for 20 plus years, so of course I love her mom. Some aspect of her mother's lifestyle make me uncomfortable, but I love her regardless.

The bad news. My mom has a cat named Scooter Pie. My mom got Scooter when I was 14. Scooter is staying over-night at the vets because they think her kidneys are failing. If thats the case, my mom will be putting her down. :(! So I have been a little sad. I cried a little bit. I hate that part of having pets. Seriously, I will need help when it comes to be Maggie's time :(. When Harvey got hit by a car last year, I seriously needed a day off of work because I couldn't stop crying. He was only 5. :( Now I'm all depressed. blarg indeed.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Twitter Twatter

Ok, my newest addiction...Twitter.

It's weird. It's like a slow chat room, yet I can't look away. It's nice that I can converse with all my podcast pals because they are all lovely people. I still don't know if I am working it right, but it's fun. So we'll see how that develops. Skype. I hear all this hulabaloo about it, and I'm curious. Sounds like a phone through the computer. I don't know who I would talk too. I would be sitting here staring at my screen hearing voices and trying to figure out how to talk. I am so technically retarded.

Anywho, I should go to bed. But I am waiting for my friend Laura to call me back. She's having problems with the babies daddy...blah

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cough Couch Hack

So I have the flu. I blame Izola. She came to work sick. bah. I hate being sick.

So the house hunt is still going on. We may have found a condo the next cul de sac over. The gentleman who we have been dealing with, his mother owned it. Derek said she fell off a bus they use to drive the elderly around in. I feel so bad for him. And he's all alone for Christmas. I almost want him to come to my house, even if he doesn't rent the condo to us.

Work is alright.

I received my mother's christmas box today. A Christmas card from The Qcast boys. Walt sent me the most amazing Christmas cds that i have been enjoying almost every day :). I have a little something coming from Fairy Princess Holly too. I have been so blessed this years with all my new pals.

Ooh Jesus Christ Super Star is going to be here with Ted Neeley in January! :x My mom is going to see it in Washington this month. how awesome.

sorry, random. I really had a million things to say, but my brain has decided to shut down. I think I'm gonna make some sweet potato fries. maybe...not.

Friday, December 7, 2007

A Boat Full of Johnnys!

Ok so tonight I went to my pal April's house and we have a really great dinner and watched Pirates 3. There is a part where I guess Jack Sparrow is going crazy and there is like 20 Johnny Depps! Love it! I mean really, who wouldn't want at least one?

Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS BAKING EXTRAVAGANZA! Nessa will be in the kitchen making yummy treat for some of my pals. I promise not to spit in anything :) I am super tired. Nighty Night!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To Taylor

And by Aunt Kitty, I mean Taylor. XO

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Time to hire movers

Ok, so (I blame you Pod is my co-pilot for me saying that alllll the time)

I did 40 minutes of OT today, feeling a little better from the migrain I had this morning. There are 2 messages on my machine from Derek. He never says what he wants, he says my name 50 times and then says he'll call back.

So I get a hold of him and find out that we have been asked to vacate the premises by February 1, 2008 so the owner can live here. I wasn't mad about it because she gave us 60 days instead of the required 30. I was kind of expecting it. The only thing that is making it hard is Maggie. It is really hard to find a place that accepts dogs. And, I hate moving. I am seriously going to do a purge of my stuff so I have less to move. For reals, I am really considering hiring movers.

We may have found a place already, Derek is going to call them tomorrow. I have a list of a few other places that are in the vicinity. We are limited due to Derek's lack of driver's license and our sucky public transportation.

Blah, I really hate moving!

If all else fails, I'm moving in with Holly!

In good news though, for me at least is that my pal Keela may be working the same shift I do! I worked with her when I was in a phone unit and when I worked nights. I love her.

Ok I need to go to bed.