Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Disney, Pre-Chrimbal, and a Random Memory

So I am so excited about this weekend. Derek and I are hoisting up to Disneyland for the Gay Days. On Friday Derek and I are having dinner with Wes, Christian, Brian, and Frank. We sent invites to a couple other folks and hopefully they will show. If not, it's ok. We will have a great time regardless.

April and Doug are graciously watching the house for us and taking care of Maggie. She really is a great friend. We are in the beginning stages of planning Chrimbal festivities. We already decided breakfast for dinner would be the food. We are decorating the house in green and gold and bells will be the pattern. Her mom is coming down from Idaho, which I am apprehensive about, but I am sure it will be ok.

Earlier this month I cut my hair. Prior to the hair cut, I always kept my hair up. Now that I am wearing it down, I can smell my conditioner. It reminded me of a guy that I used to adore. He liked to sit behind me at this picnic table in the courtyard of his apartments and write things on my back. I asked him why he did that once and he said he liked the way my hair smelled. That is one of the times in my life I felt content. That memory makes me happy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary Stacey

In 1999, I was 21 years old and a shift leader at Burger King. I had a co-worker named Stacey who I just adored. All year we joked about how we would be getting married on 09/09/99. On that day she presented me with a rubber band to wear around my wrist and she had a matching one. We wore them until they fell off.

I got transferred and she quit. Saw her maybe two years later at a payless where she worked. We both dropped the shoe boxes we were carrying, squealed, and hugged for a long time. I introduced her to my mom as my wife. I didn't she her again until a year later when she announced she was pregnant. She looked scared out of her mind. I gave her my number and said if she needed anything, call me. I never heard from or saw her again.

Every time 09/09 passes, I remember Stacey and a lot of laughs we had and our rubber band marriage. I hope whatever she is doing now, she is happy.

Friday, September 4, 2009

What's Motivation?

For some reason, I have decided to not write in the blog. I have a million things going on in my head and I should be writing them down. I guess I felt the need to torture myself and Derek.

I have been so down the last month and so quick tempered. A combination of working long hours, not a whole lot of sleep, and not seeing Derek just turned me into a bag of mush. I am trying to change that and Derek is trying too. He is trying to work more days so I can see him more often.

Got a new computer cause the laptop decided it didn't like working anymore. I got a desktop with a 22 inch monitor. It's pretty. I forgot what a fast computer was like. Plus I can play Sims 3 on it cause I am nerdy like that.

Um, the work husband almost got fired because some ass went to HR and said he was selling drugs, which he wasn't. They let him keep his job because there was no proof. That was a relief, I mean shit, he's got kids.

I got a pressie from Walt which I am enjoying right now. I just rocked out to Milli Vanilli and Debbie Gibson. Love it!

Derek and I are going to Disney the 2,3, & 4th of October. I need to get in touch with Mr. Stone and see what he wants to do as far as a meet and greet. I was hoping Ricky was coming, but the new boy has all his attention, so I am guessing not. I hope my TWSS boys (yes they are mine) show up on Friday or Saturday. I would love to see them.

Oh, my new favorite band....

The Airborne Toxic Event - The whole album is GREAT!