Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Song of the Day 10/29/2008

Chasing Pavements, by Adele

Should I give up,
Or should I just keep chasin' pavements?
Even if it leads nowhere
Or would it be a waste
Even if I knew my place
Should I leave it there
Should I give up,
Or should I just keep chasin' pavements
Even if it leads nowhere

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Song of the Day 10/26/08

Dashboard, by Modest Mouse

Well we scheme and we scheme but we always blow it
We've yet to crash, but we still might as well tow it
Standing at a light switch to each east and west horizon,
Every dawn you're surprising,
and in the evening one's consoling
Saying "See it wasn't quite as bad as"
Well, it would've been, could've been worse than you would ever know.

I was patiently erasing and recording the wrong episodes
After you had proved my point wrong,
It wasn't like I'd let it go, oh-oh-oh. Oh-oh-oh.
I just wanted to catch the last laugh of this show.

Yeah, it would've been, could've been worse than you would ever know.
Oh, the dashboard melted, but we still have the radio.
(The dashboard melted, but we ran it good, we ran it good)

Hard-wired to conceive, so much we'd have to stow it
Even needs have needs, tiny giants made of tinier giants.
Don't wear eyelids so I don't miss the last laugh of this show.
(The dashboard melted but we still have the radio)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Catch up and Song of the Day 10/24/08

So I am finally getting back into the swing of things after vacation. i need another vacation for reals.

So, I don't think I ever talked about my pal Erin on here. Erin is a lady I work with who up until the 14th of this month was technically a man. So she is now officially a lady and is so happy. She came into work to pick up her check and she looks amazing. Everytime I would see her before, she always looked beat down and tired. This Erin was so bright eyed and excited, I am so happy for her and I wish her the very best. And she has agreed to indulge me in my curiousity and said I could ask her anything I wanted. Now I can't think of anything to ask because, well, I guess it doesn't matter. She is who she is and I'm glad she's my friend because she is amazingly sweet. We all need good people in our lives and I hope Erin is apart of it for a long time.

I am very excited for New Years to roll around because Ricky is going to be in the Californias and I will get to see him and Christian again! Hurrah! So I have no idea what were going to do, but they will be ringing in 2009 with me! Thats right bitches, be jealous! hehehe! Ohh! Christian maybe we can make that video *wink*

And thanks to PNS Explosion, Ricky, and Taylor I can't stop thinking about this song! So consider this your song of the day!

Single Ladies, By Beyonce

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Song of the Day 10/22/08

Don't Tell Me, by Madonna

Don't tell me to stop
Tell the rain not to drop
Tell the wind not to blow
'Cause you said so, mmm

Tell the sun not to shine
Not to get up this time, no, no
Let it fall by the way
But don't leave me where I lay down

Tell me love isn't true
It's just something that we do
Tell me everything I'm not
But don't ever tell me to stop

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Song of the Day 10/21/08

Instant Karma, by John Lennon

Instant Karma's gonna get you,
Gonna look you right in the face,
Better get yourself together darlin',
Join the human race,
How in the world you gonna see,
Laughin' at fools like me,
Who on earth d'you think you are,
A super star,
Well, right you are.

Well we all shine on,
Like the moon and the stars and the sun,
Well we all shine on,
Ev'ryone come on.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Vacation" roundup

I am home from the Idahos finally! Normally I really enjoy being with my mom, but this trip was very stressful.

My mom has some cough that she hasn't been able to shake. He doctors think it might be an acid reflux thing, but after six months, don't know why. So the whole trip was spent with a less than stellar attitude, doctor appointments, and sleeping. The person we spent time with wasn't my mom, it was a miserable old lady and it made me super sad. I know once she gets the cough taken care of, she'll be her old self, it is just sad to see her not well.

I was successful in not eating meat or drinking soda in the Idahos, was easier than I expected. They have this cool place called the Pita Pit and they had a pita that was all vegetables and was so good. I cooked a lot. And can I say mincing almost two pounds of mushrooms sucks when you don't have a food processer! But all the meals went over great with the family. My stepdad loved everything I made and said he was actually feeling pretty good. They did have a steak BBQ day, but I just had a burger made from portabello mushrooms, soooo good.

Have you ever noticed how well you sleep when you in your own bed when you come home from vacation. I love my bed. I love my sheets. Today Derek and I will be recouperating from the horrible flight home. You know in the movies when people yell is there a doctor on the plane? It happened to us last night. The airvents were not working very well and it was a tad warm. A poor old man started to overheat and had a siezure. We had a nurse on board that got him to calm down and cool down. When we landed an ambulance was racing down the runway. It was so weird.

The best thing I saw was an asian guy in a bright purple "leather" jacket. I tried to take a picture with my phone, but it didn't turn out, but the following picture is pretty much the same, except bright purple!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Small Town Idaho

So I am here in the IDs and it is a wonderful 60 degrees! Heaven! Considering it was 102 degrees at my house, I am certainly in heaven. The flight was ok, nothing great.

My mom let me drive her new car to go get vegetarian-friendly food and I got lost...With a GPS...and the place is seriously a mile away. I have no sense of direction at all. So I am gonna make my stepdad take Derek to Sonics and to the Super one to pick up the items I couldn't find at the Walmarts.

Ok, I think I am going to take a nap. Yay vacation!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Song of the Day 10/08/08 and Vacation Has Started

Well, kinda...

Derek and I are heading up to the ID for about a week to see my mom and pops. And that means lots of grilled cheese sandwiches! hurrah! Something about the way my mom makes them is better than anyone else's. I am a firm believer that a sandwich made by someone else is always better.

Visiting my mom will also mean I will be lectured on my health and in turn will lecture my mom on voting and nagging my stepdad. You gotta love your family right?

In all seriousness, I do love my family, even if we are all a bunch of misfits.

Today was the last day I had with my supervisor Fred. He is honestly the best boss I have ever had and I had to bolt out of the building so I didn't cry. I wish him all the best in his new position!

Shout out to my lil' bro Adrian for getting 10 stars at school and ice cream for dinner rules!

Here is a song of the day. It came on my iPod while I was reviewing my ballot booklet thingy.

Changes IV, by Cat Stevens

Don't you feel a change a coming
from another side of time
breaking down the walls of silence
lifting shadows from your mind
Placing back the missing mirrors
that before you couldn't find
filling mysteries of emptiness
that yesterday left behind

And we all know it's better
Yesterday has past
now let's all start the living
for the one that's going to last
Yes we all know it's better
Yesterday has past
now let's all start the living
for the one that's going to last

Monday, October 6, 2008

Song of the Day 10/06/08

Get it Faster, Jimmy Eat World

I don't care what you do
I'm getting out
No nothing ever shames me
Don't wanna thing from you
I'm going out
I don't care if you're angry

I should've thought things through
I'm holding out
But not getting an answer
I wanna do right by you
I'm finding out
Cheating gets it faster

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Song of the Day 10/05/08

When Youre Gone, by the Cranberries

But I'll miss you when you're gone, that is what I do. Hey, baby!
And it's going to carry on, that is what I do. hey, baby...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Song of the Day 10/03/08

Stupid Girl, by Garbage

You pretend youre high
You pretend youre bored
You pretend youre anything
Just to be adored
And what you need
Is what you get

A million lies to sell yourself
Is all you ever had

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cindy's a Cunt

Thanks VJ for sending this my way, sooo funny!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Song of the Day 10/01/08 and an update

Frozen, by Madonna

You only see what your eyes want to see
How can life be what you want it to be
You're frozen
When your heart's not open

You're so consumed with how much you get
You waste your time with hate and regret
You're broken
When your heart's not open

First, I want to send a huge hug to my darling Kim Beaver. I hope your father recovers quickly.

Yesterday we had a BBQ for my supe who is going to another department on the 10th. I'm sadzies because he is a really cool guy. He's moving on to better things and I wish him the best. I'm gonna miss him being around.

I am leaving for ID a week from tomorrow. My best pal April and her boyfriend Doug are going to stay here with Maggie while Derek and I are gone. We are actually going to her house on Saturday for a BBQ. hopefully it won't be so hot. Today was 101 degrees and I thought I was going to die. Come on fall!

Derek got a well deserved raise and we are hoping it will be on the next paycheck. I love when Derek gets all assertive and sticks up for himself. His boss is still a nozzle, but at least Derek is paid more to tolerate him.

I want a pumpkin spice frappachino. That sounds so good right now! Ok bye.