Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Myheritage lies to me

and it feels good.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I feel productive hurrah!

So yesterday Holly, Walt, and I recorded our first show for the podcast. We were all worried that we couldn't talk for 30 minutes or be entertaining. I say for our first show we did really good. I think my first editing job was ok. A few things i need to try and remember is turn down the music at the end and not so much breathing. But all in all, it was a success I think.

For any of my readers who don't frequent the podcast world and would like to take a listen, you can go to our show's blog.

I did my taxes yesterday also. Hurrah! Hurrah because we are getting a refund. too bad it's already gone *cue poopy music*

Today, I think I am going to catch up on my TV and go to bed early. I have slept 25 hours in the past five days and it is taking a toll.

Ok, I needs to go get ready for work.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Quick Thanks and quick catch up

As expressed on the podcast blog, I want to thank Archerr from for having me on to talk about We're Mean because you're stupid's debut. I urge you to take a listen to Archerr's shows. He is fantastic.

Tomorrow, Derek and I will be paying probably our last trip to the old place. We need to wipe out the fridge and scour the sinks and bathtub. We are also going to steam clean the carpets since Derek sucks and spills everything everywhere. :)

Then I will leave the keys and be done.

It has been so cold lately. I know...I know it is probably 12 degrees where you are, well in So Cal it is in the 70's or higher the better part of the year. Today it was in the 40's and I am freezing. So suck it!

well I am off to catch up on my programs and such.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm so excited!

Ok so after much deliberation, Walt, Holly, and I have a name for our podcast :)

It is official! Were Mean Because Youre Stupid

The snark will be hitting an iPod (or similar) soonish!

You can visit our blog at

or email us at

We will have a myspace and facebook thing soon!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ok! I am moved in! The only things left at the old place is a few odds and ends. Mostly some trash left over from painting. The new place is a little smaller, but clean and cozy. Poor Jazzmine hates moving, she freaks out. For the first night she stayed under the couch. She is fine now though.

I hate painting. I have a new appreciation for keeping walls white. I will buy colorful pictures for the wall. no more paint!

The no soda has continued. I did have a sip of Derek's chocolate cherry dr. pepper. it only took one sip to determine I don't like it. I mean chocolate in a soda is good in theory, but taste, blech. So I don't know what day I am on and if the sip voids out the previous time. But I have been living on water and ice tea. I am going for a walk after I finish writing this.

Derek has also mentioned that he wants to start eating better and moving. He says he feels lousy all the time. So this will make it a little easier if I know he's now bring nasties in the house.

So after my walk, I'm gonna shower, play some Mario galaxy, make a homemade pizza for dinner. I have a ton of new kitchen gadgets I wanna use so I am excited about dinner.

Ok lovelies, just a little update. same old stuff really.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sneaking on the intrawebs

I came home from work to an almost empty house. Right now in my living room is two chairs, our TV, and my computer. So I came to say hi!

ok I'm gonna go read some blogs and ect.

Be back soon!

Thank you all for the well wishes!

Miss me

Just a quick note to all my pals I talk to on a daily or almost daily basis.

I start moving today! So I will more than likely not be online until Wednesday evening or Thursday afternoon.

So no one do anything exciting until I get back!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Next time, we hire movers

So all week, I have been doing a little packing, a little purging, and a lot of coughing because of the wonderful Flu I can't seem to shake.

Derek and I are bad pack rats. Because we may have to move again in a years time, I decided to throw away or donate items that we really had no use for. In total we donated two big boxes of clothes. :)

I would tell you how many bags of trash we threw out, but it is frankly embarassing.

So the place we are leaving, it has two bedrooms. The smaller of the rooms was supposed to be my office, but derek got tired of me spending all my time in there, so he got the lap top and I haven't had a use for the office, so Derek gladly took it over. I went in there today to pack what he hadn't and shift it downstairs.

I haven't been in that room for 6 months, and frankly I was disgusted with what I found. Anytime it would look dirty I would tell Derek to pick it up and he would, but I guess that didn't include dusting :(! So I got his computer dusted off and packed, the file cabinet down stairs, the pictures off the wall, the computer chair. I then cleaned his desk. eww. It got too dusty in there that my lungs decided to not function. So I have to take a break. I was going to attempt to bring the desk downstairs, but it may be a little too heavy for just me.

When Derek gets home, we are bringing the futon and the bed down. He has two pals from work coming tomorrow to help him move it, so that's good.

Sorry about all the moving details, boring right?

So today is like day 7 of no soda. the fast food thing, not so much. I got over zealous with the packing and i have no pots, pans, fail, anything to cook in and they are already at the new place. And I have put off grocery shopping until we get into the new place. I also packed all my canned goods, spices, ect so blah. I had enough stuff for breakfasts and lunches, just no dinner. I have been eating salads, but I aint gonna lie, I have had the ocassional burger and fries. I suck. No reason to beat myself up really, I am going shopping at some point and I can start fresh in a new place.

My pal Laura came back home from Indiana. I love Laura with all my heart, but man is she drama infested. Her baby's daddy is a dead beat. He has hit her and has gotten Hailey, their beautiful daughter, to call Laura a fat slut. She's 4. He just got out of jail for some reason, and just got into something with drugs. And Laura lets him in because he is the father of her child.

You know, my father was a deadbeat. Drugs and all. My mom left and I think I turned out pretty ok. I know I can tell Laura a million times to get out there on her own and fight, but the fact is she's scared. And she will need to realize things on her own. But I worry. I worry for hailey. I hope baby's daddy doesn't save up the money to come out here and I hope he stays in Indiana. He really sucks. The epitompe of white trash really. Listen to me all judgemental. I just can't stand him because he reminds me so much of my father. Lies and cheats, and convinces you he will never do it again. He sucks, oh I already said that.

i'm ready for sleeps sleeps. It's only 6pm!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Games with Walt

Time to play the Random Song game.

"Ten minutes" The Getup Kids
"Brother, Can you Spare a Dime?" Bing Crosby (ain't it the truth sister?)
"Changes IV" Cat Stevens
"A Pssing Feeling" Elliott Smith
"The Best is Yet to Come" Tony Bennet with Diana Krall
"Painters" Jewel
"Broke" Modest Mouse
"The Heart of Rock and Roll" Huey Lewis and the News
"Coming Clean" The Getup Kids
"BOB (Bombs Over Bahgdad" OutKast

Play the game. Tell me the next ten songs that come up on your iPod or in iTunes. It's fun.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Goals, Hack Cough, ZzZz

I am sick AGAIN! I don't think my immune system was up to battling April's cold germs. So I now have one nostril that barely works and that lovely cough that brings the crap up no one likes to have come up. I have pretty much slept all day and will drink some nice nyquil and sleep some more. I love nyquil better than tylenol pm.

So in other health news, I have decided to support my girls at the INUIY podcast and banish the soda and fast food. Today I did have carls jr so the food will start tomorrow. We put the gazelle in the garage awhile ago to make room for Christmas stuff, so my physical activity has dwindled down to nothing and I feel it. I started falling asleep at work again and it is harder for me to fall asleep at night.

I have never been for resolutions because I in my heart believe that they are made to break. So I have made two goals. One is to be more organized with dates. I always forget peoples birthdays and such, so I have three different calendars, one through my email, one at work, and one at home. I am doing this because I want people who are important to me to know they are worth some effort around their birthdays. does that make sense?

My second is to eat better, I had already started, but it dwindled as stress from other areas of my life seemed more important. In addition to eating better, I need to move my ass some more. I keep saying it, but I need to do it. So faithful readers I know I have said it before, and I meant it before, but this time, I will continue, even when life gets in the way.

Now I am going to go shoot some nyquil and go sleepies.

Friday, January 4, 2008

I need some information

One of my goals for 2008 is to be more organized where people are concerned. i always forget when peoples' birthdays are and I always feel bad when I miss them. So I have me a calendar and need some help with it. So if my new pals would either comment or email me ( your birthday, I would appreciate it. Even if you think I know when it is, I bet you a dollar I don't haha! I am horrible with dates :(

Thank you!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I'm all Disney-ed out

Ok, I love April. More than anything. But no more Disneyland on New Years Eve. hahaha.

I had a fabulous time. I think it was just to know that April had a great time made it worth it. April is hardcore disney. Knows the park like the back of her hand. She even knew what eatery to have dinner at so we would have a good view of fantasmic. I am really glad she had a good time.

I finally went to California Adventure and I loved loved loved tower of terror! haha! Poor Derek didn't want to go on, but he toughed it out. Because Disneyland was at full capacity (ie they stopped selling tickets and refused re-admissions at one point)the fastpasses were already done for the day by 10am. We waited in line 45-85 minutes for the important rides. We rode Pirates twice, Indianan Jones, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder, Peter pan (shut up), Mr. Toad, and Space Mountain in Disneyland, and tower of terror and Soaring over California in California adventure.

Ooh Edward Scissorhands is on! I should go to bed. I am gonna go catch up on some blogs and then ZZZZZZZ