Thursday, December 17, 2009


Chrima 2005

Gearing up for Chrima has got me running through the normal (for me) emotions. Of course, The guilt, stress, excitement, happiness, nerves, all kick in the week before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success, but that is easy when there are only two of us. Derek put up the chrima decorations as he has in years past. I don't think either of us are feeling it this year. Derek's annoyance at putting up the tree was very apparent. I still haven't decorated out first tree (the 3ft fake tree that was our first tree when we got married) and I haven't had the motivation to do so. I can't shake the funk I have been in, although I have been trying.

I am done chrima shopping, was done rather quickly. With money being as tight as it is, I think I did rather well and only had one mishap with Amazon that was corrected quickly. My mother received their gift box and we received hers. It made me sad cause I haven't had a chrima with my mom in six years. I don't dare cry about it to Derek as he hasn't had a holiday with his parents either. Derek is supposed to fly to London next year to see his grandfather. I don't know if Derek has filtered in his head that this may be the last time he sees him. That makes me sad. I wish I could get him over there more often, it's just so expensive.

On the good side, I will get to spend some time with Wes, Christian, Frank, and Brian this weekend. The 2nd annual cookie party where we won't really bake cookies hahaha! These boys, although I don't get to talk to or see them as much as I'd like, mean the world to me. Love them tons! Derek does too, even though Christian sometimes makes him nervous with this "it's all the same in the dark" talk. hahah! Sorry Derek.

Then chrima eve we will be having breakfast for dinner and some fun times with April, Doug, and her parents. April came over on Saturday and we just talked for hours. It's weird to think that April and I have been friends for almost 25 years. I wish I saw her more often. I hope she likes her pressies for chrima.

As it stands right now, I have 1,448 chrima songs left to listen to. My pal Walt sent me about 3,000 chrima songs and plus the 300 or so I had, I have been listening to 60-150 songs a day. At one point, the ipod decided I needed to hear Frosty the snowman 9 ways in a row. It made me giggle. i think Walt is down to 700 to listen to, so we are racing to the finish line. In order for me to finish by Chrima, I have to listen to 160 songs a day. I may make it by new years :)

We have received so many chrima cards and you know what, I love these end of the year news letters. i may never meet some of these folks in person, but I love that they sent them. It gives Derek and I a little insight to who listens to S&T. Great people, I will have you know. I am so very thankful for them. Derek said he wanted to do one of the news letters next year. I guess that means we actually have to do stuff.

We did a few things this year, Ricky and TWSS were here for a couple days, Derek and I participated in pride 48, Our first trip to Vegas with the in-laws, Derek and I went to Gay Days at Disneyland, We had dinner with Wes, Tim, and Ron, and we had our first podcast anniversary.

2010 is right around the corner, and Derek and I are focusing on finances and our health. Our goal is to be in ID by the time I am 35, homeowners at 37, and adopt a child by 40. I'll be 32 in May. here's hoping these procrastinating, lazy, unorganized people can do it. haha!

Since I may not post until after the new year, I hope my friends and family out there have a great chrima and 2010 brings you nothing but joy and love.