Monday, January 11, 2010


So, Happy New Year. Been almost a month since I have written, bad Nessie!

So Christmas and New Years was quiet, which is good since I was sick most of it. Booo! Other than being sick, I enjoyed Christmas and on New Years I got to ring it in, via skype, with Cheeks, Brian, and Frank. Have I ever mentioned how much i love them? Well I do!

Got lots of iTunes gift cards and made some purchases. I used Bjorn's best of list as a guide. Purchased the Noisettes and St. Vincent. I also purchased Allison Iraheta's album. I have been obsessing over The Gossip.

I was feeling nostalgic today. Back when I was dating Nigel, he made me a mix tape (yes, an actually cassette) and on one side was him talking and playing songs on his guitar and the other side was a bunch of songs. And listening to him talk made me appreciate how innocent love can be. In the beginning when you are so excited to see someone, and you talk to them on the phone for hours, even if you just saw them. You really believed you would be with them for a long time. Nigel is a good memory.

So resolutions for New Years. I don't normally make them because I always disappoint myself. This year, with inspiration from a special someone, I decided, I should try again. So, I made a resolution to start and finish a 30 day program. I need to start small and move up. I think I always over-whelm myself with huge goals and give up. So 30 days. It started on the 4th and I am right on schedule.

So, here, watch this:

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Organic Meatbag said...

meh, I no longer do need to set myself up for failure...hahahaha!