Sunday, October 30, 2011


I have tried, tried, tried to come up with some sort of Halloween story from growing up and I for the life of me cannot remember anything out of the normal trick or treating that ever happened to me.  I think that on last years’ Halloween show, I mentioned my experiences with Rocky Horror and Ouija boards.  And while trying to plan this episode, all I could think about was Rocky Horror and the Ouija boards which confirmed to me, Halloween really isn’t my thing.

So I put some thought into what sort of spooky, weird thing could I talk about.  Then I figured, I would talk about my thoughts on the paranormal.  Again, I know some of y’all think it’s made up stuff, but I feel that there is something out there.  I don’t feel that when we die, that’s it.  I have no proof, but I know what I feel and what I have experienced.

I have always had a fascination with things unknown, except aliens.  I have no interest in aliens.  It stems from something I saw when I was eleven or twelve years old.  I was lying in bed and it was pretty quiet, with the exception of the low buzz of the TV in the living room.  Something made me turn over and look at the closet.  There was a sizable misty thing floating there.  It has a face, I felt it was male.  And I panicked.  I pulled my covers over my head and thought in my head, “Go away!  Go away!  Go away!”   I peeked my head out and it was gone.  This also started my need to have a radio or TV on when I go to sleep.  Somewhere in my twelve year old mind, the music kept the ghost away.

The next night, I kept looking over to the closet area to see if the mystery man and he didn’t reappear.  I was so relieved.  I was too old to tell my mommie that I was seeing the boogie man or whatever.  But she probably wouldn’t be surprised being that I was her child that was scared of Herman Munster walking through his front door, Thriller with Michael Jackson, and Ghostbusters.  Yes, Ghostbusters.  The next night I still looked for the ghost man and again nothing.  I think it was a week before I stopped looking.  I think the night I didn't consciously think about the ghost man, I crawled into bed and curled up with my pillow.  I was half asleep when I got that, "I should turn around" feeling again.  I refused to turn over.  I didn’t want to turn around.  But then something happened that made me turn around.  Something grabbed my foot.  And it didn't really feel like a hand, it was cold and almost claw like.  Or maybe someone with long finger nails.  I turned over so fast, I almost fell out of bed.  There was nothing there.  I got up and turned on the light, looked under my bed, I have no idea what happened.  This occurrence made me extremely curious as to what I saw and what the hell touched my foot!

I would check books out at libraries and read as much as I could and look at as many pictures I could get my hands on.  I think part of my curiosity was I didn’t want to be crazy.  This led into my fascination with séances and witches.  At some point, I tried to have a séance to contact Elvis with my friend Trishauna and my sister.  When I asked, "Elvis, are you here?"  My sister promptly said in her best Elvis, "No, I'm upstairs, taking a crap."  That ended that séance.

My pal Shannon, whom I talked about in my last post, and I were convinced we had some sort of power.   We had found a book on spells somewhere and in it was a spell to stop the rain.  We were in the middle of a drought so we changed the words around to stop the heat and bring on the rain.  It was such a coincidence that it started raining an hour later.  And not just a sprinkle, a full blown thunder storm.   It became our little secret that we were witches.  We would collect stones said to have healing powers and read books on using the elements on talking to the dead and casting spells.  No, we didn’t do drugs.  We were impressionable 14 year old girls reading too much teen fiction.  

All joking aside, my interest in the paranormal has continued and I am still curious about things I see and hear.  I enjoy a lot of shows like Ghost Adventures (which i affectionately call the douchebag show), Ghost Hunters, and Dead Files.  And with recent dreams I have had, it has me more intrigued.  I don’t know that I could do a ghost hunt; the thought of hearing a voice or seeing something petrifies me.  I'm afraid I won't like what I hear and see.  Maybe someday I will grow the balls to go to a haunted house.  Or, I will let the professionals do it on TV.

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