Saturday, February 16, 2008

My eye won't stop leaking!

And the title has nothing to do with what I am going to write, it is just annoying. grrr!

Things on the podcasting front seem to be going really well. I just cant figure out what stats are accurate and what number I should be using as our actual audience. I take the average number and use that. And that makes me happy. We have been getting a lot of support from our podcasting pals and I love them for it. and I love that I have make two great great friends in this process. I love me some Walt and Holly.

I got a hair cut which I liked at first, but now it annoys me. I don't like having hair in my face and now it is always in my face. I will need to figure it out. I am in a bitchy mood right now haha! I should take a picture, but right now, I look like hell so you looose!

Ok I am going to go harass Walt and holly with the Love Boat Theme

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Walt said...

Yeah, I'm overwhelmed with all the support and signs of friendship we've been receiving. It really undermines some of my self-esteem issues and I can't have that. :)

Pics of the new 'do?