Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rain, We're Mean, and Sleep

It seriously has been raining all week. My san diego blood can't handle it!

So My co-whores and I recorded episode 2 of We're Mean and we had a good time and the show turned out pretty good. A litle longer than last time, but I think because Walt, Holly, and I are really getting to know each other better, we bring up things we really don't know about one another. We have gotten a lot of support from our podcasting friends and it was kind of overwhelming. But in a good way. And as sappy as it sounds, I have not felt so part of something important. I feel like I belong and I am making some awesome friends. I am also meeting new people all the time. I love it.

I was asked by the lovely Taylor to be a guest co-host while Taffy is in Europe (bitch) and I was happy to accept. So thats coming up.

Now I am eating my dinner and gonna go night nights and junk

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