Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm all exposed and junk

I feel bad that I have neglected you poor blog. I have devoted all my online time to the podcast that I kinda neglected my vent place. So here it goes.

First off, I am tired of my damn cramps. i will spare details for my male readers. but all i want is someone to rub my tummy :(

Work has become tedious and dull. I was working on a project which has taken the backburner. Which I knew was going to happen. I even said to the lead (which is like an assistant manager) that I didn't want to do all this work if it wasn't going to be followed through on. I am kind of frustrated that i was supposed to do this with two other people and it turned into me doing it all (which it should have been in the first place) and one of the people...she is so set in her ways and wouldn't listen to what the problems were and when i asked her what she thought, *crickets crickets* I told my supe I wanted to meet with him separately because I have some words. So I hope that goes through.

Home is ok, I haven't felt good all week (see above) so I have been sluggish and lazy. We did visit with my brother-in-law, Robin, who was in town from England on business. It was a lovely meal and I really enjoyed it. I did get lost driving home, but I figured it out.

The podcast is going really well considering some douche left us a one-star review. I am freaking out how nice people are and we actually have fans. We really thought we would get pity downloads from our podcasting pals, but people are finding us and telling us they like us. I am really into it and glad Holly, Walt, and I are doing it.

Speaking of podcasters...I spilled the beans on my secret crush....sigh...So I have decided to make a poster of my crushes here on the blog...This can change month to month mind you, but this is my version of window shopping.

hahaha poor taylor! Ok I should go to bed. Night XO


Laura said...

Sometimes being a girl sucks. But there's always Dr. Drew. Why do I feel like I could tell him my deepest, darkest secret and he would be all like supportive and stuff?


Nessa said...

Dr. Drew is beautiful. sigh is correct.

Melanie said...

Yes, it's Crazy Melanie. WMBYS is one of the funniest podcasts on the air, so of COURSE you have many, many fans who adore you to wee pieces. So just sit back and bask in the glory. Who knows -- maybe Dr. Drew will come to your house and rub your tummy for you.

Oh, and while we're on the topic of your window shopping crushes, should I mention that I have front-row tickets for the upcoming Eddie Izzard tour? This is what happens when you're old, you see -- you have lots of money to spend on cool shit.

Nessa said...

Melanie, Thank you for listening, we're, well holly and I, are glad you listen.

I love Eddie Izzard! I wish i could see him live, but frankley, security would have to hold me from jumping on him and wiggling.

I think he's pretty *sigh*

Malchera said...

I hope you feel better. Who is the guy with the glasses in the centre of your wall of crushes?

Hello from Chicago

Melanie said...

Apparently Eddie will be dressing very "rock and roll" on this tour -- no dresses, but lots of lace and bling ala 70's Glam Rock. I know what you mean about jumping on him and wiggling -- luckily I'll have the husband (aka the Bodacious Brit) with me, so he can hold me back.

The tickets are actually BB's birthday present -- all he knows is that he's being taken to a concert. I'm looking forward to his reaction, heh, heh, heh...