Monday, March 3, 2008

ok no survey or youtube this time

It is seeming harder and harder to keep up with this here thing. I think it's a lack of things to say. So I will just babble about what I remember.

The podcast is doing well. I have enjoyed it a whole lot and love getting to know Walt and Holly better. They rule. I wish Skype did. Oh well, it's free. Screw sound quality.

Work is good too. Working on a project that has consumed some time. I have loved going to work the last week. But today I was a little burnt out. I think I didn't get enough sleep. how new is that?

Profit sharing and the tax return came. Went and purchased a cost co card and some groceries and then hit bed bath and beyond for new dishes....and bedding...and towels. I have had hand me down stuff fo so long, it is so nice to have something that I picked out and I like. I purchased some spippy salt and pepper shakers from and we paid my in-laws back. No more money.

I found out that my in-laws will be in Orlando in April sometime. They had invited Derek and I to stay with them, but I don't have enough vacation time and Derek won't go by himself. I should ask Michael or B. John for the name of their dinner theater and recommend it to my in-laws. I am so jealous.

I love holly. She is participating in an animal walk for the humane society. I know a lot of you who read my blog, read hers. So I suggest you sponsor her in this walk! you can find out how by reading her blog.

i think that's it. peace out XO

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