Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Vacation" roundup

I am home from the Idahos finally! Normally I really enjoy being with my mom, but this trip was very stressful.

My mom has some cough that she hasn't been able to shake. He doctors think it might be an acid reflux thing, but after six months, don't know why. So the whole trip was spent with a less than stellar attitude, doctor appointments, and sleeping. The person we spent time with wasn't my mom, it was a miserable old lady and it made me super sad. I know once she gets the cough taken care of, she'll be her old self, it is just sad to see her not well.

I was successful in not eating meat or drinking soda in the Idahos, was easier than I expected. They have this cool place called the Pita Pit and they had a pita that was all vegetables and was so good. I cooked a lot. And can I say mincing almost two pounds of mushrooms sucks when you don't have a food processer! But all the meals went over great with the family. My stepdad loved everything I made and said he was actually feeling pretty good. They did have a steak BBQ day, but I just had a burger made from portabello mushrooms, soooo good.

Have you ever noticed how well you sleep when you in your own bed when you come home from vacation. I love my bed. I love my sheets. Today Derek and I will be recouperating from the horrible flight home. You know in the movies when people yell is there a doctor on the plane? It happened to us last night. The airvents were not working very well and it was a tad warm. A poor old man started to overheat and had a siezure. We had a nurse on board that got him to calm down and cool down. When we landed an ambulance was racing down the runway. It was so weird.

The best thing I saw was an asian guy in a bright purple "leather" jacket. I tried to take a picture with my phone, but it didn't turn out, but the following picture is pretty much the same, except bright purple!


Lauren said...

Ohh you should try the falafel at Pita Pit! Its pretty good!

kim beaver said...

welcome home dear - I hope your mother will be better soon. Sick parents make you feel sad and helpless.
Having read your blog made me hungry. It sounded all so yummy :)
xo kb

Malchera said...

Welcome back.

Acid relux, is horrible. I have troubles with heartburn. I hope your mommie gets better soon

Last time I was on a plane. They called a dr too. I was hoping to walk over, like Leslie nielsen, in Airplane. I am not a dr, I am a fanatist

Yay on avoiding the soda, and meat