Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Music Junk and Stuff

So my pal Bjorn issued a challenge. For the month of March he challenges people to not play their top 15 artists. We found ours via My top 15 are:

1 Tori Amos
2 Modest Mouse
3 Elliott Smith
4 Bing Crosby
5 Queen
6 The Dresden Dolls
7 Nirvana
8 Radiohead
9 Jimmy Eat World
10 Garbage
11 Sleater-Kinney
12 Frank Sinatra
13 Weezer
14 The Suicide Machines
15 Madonna

So I decided that I would do it. So while Derek and I were out yesterday, I spent some money on some new music. I purchases Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Adele, The Bird and the Bee, and The White Stripes. I also have some Rufus CDs that I haven't paid proper attention to. So challenge extended! Find some new music and if you find something good, hook a sister up!


Starshine said...

The Spill Canvas
City and Colour
Jet Lag Gemini
Secondhand Serenade (Kind of like a Dashboard Confession)
Kate Voegele
One Less Reason
Panic at the Disco (but who doesn't know them, LOVE there new cd)
Well I hope you check out atleast the first 3. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Yeah theirs no way I could do that. I wouldn't have any music too listen too. But thank god for podcasts, right!

Drum Riley Calhoun said...

I don't know if you like blues or not, but my new favorite is Seth Walker.

Lola LaFayette said...

You are gonna LOVE the new Adele CD. It's awesome.

Amos Lee and Jack Johnson are two of my other favorites.

Walt said...

Which Nick Cave? Let me know and also how it is. Just got the Bird & The Bee and I'm loving it!