Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Semi-Purge

It has been quite awhile since I have had the want to update. What is weird is I feel like writing, but have nothing to say. I have found myself in a gloomy state of mind. Everything seems to hurt my feelings or have me questioning peoples' intentions. I guess I am having, as I like to call them, low self esteem days.

I just need to re-focus and keep my mind clear. i need to figure out what is important to me and work through it. Maybe my mom is right, maybe I do need therapy.

Not to rub it in to some, but I have been very blessed with my employment. We received our annual profit sharing check and it was so much more than expected. I had planned on shopping today, but I couldn't get the motivation to go. Plus I have the "buy it cause I can" syndrome. I need to plan out what I want to purchase before I run out and spend money I don't normally have.

Speaking of work, they moved Todd's desk to see if his numbers will improve. They said it had to do with all the talking that happens in our area, which I can understand, but it makes me sad because he's my pal, more than a pal, my work husband. I tell him things I don't tell a lot of people and now, it will be hard to carry on that friendship when he is on the other side. He said it won't change anything, I hope it doesn't. And I hope they don't put a douche nozzle in his spot!


M said...

I have been in a funk lately too. I am trying to get my shite together to make it all better. It will get better Nessa! :o)

(F)redddy said...

Sorry your work husband got moved, that sucks. But YAAAAY money!

Lola LaFayette said...

Congrats on your profit sharing bonus!!!

My company laid of about 150 people, cut the 401k matching to 10 cents and cut-out raises for this year, again.

I've been here 23 years. It's never been this bad.

Sure hope I get my change from President Obama soon. I need to pay my bills!!!! ;-)

erik98122 said...

Yay for free money! It seems to be pretty rare these days.

Sevi said...

Now young lady put that money in the bank....FOR VEGAS!$!$!$!$!$!

I am sorry they moved your work husband. But remember the snark will be much better when you have lunch!!!

Malchera said...

Sorry they moved your work Hubbie.
Enjoy spending the cash