Friday, September 4, 2009

What's Motivation?

For some reason, I have decided to not write in the blog. I have a million things going on in my head and I should be writing them down. I guess I felt the need to torture myself and Derek.

I have been so down the last month and so quick tempered. A combination of working long hours, not a whole lot of sleep, and not seeing Derek just turned me into a bag of mush. I am trying to change that and Derek is trying too. He is trying to work more days so I can see him more often.

Got a new computer cause the laptop decided it didn't like working anymore. I got a desktop with a 22 inch monitor. It's pretty. I forgot what a fast computer was like. Plus I can play Sims 3 on it cause I am nerdy like that.

Um, the work husband almost got fired because some ass went to HR and said he was selling drugs, which he wasn't. They let him keep his job because there was no proof. That was a relief, I mean shit, he's got kids.

I got a pressie from Walt which I am enjoying right now. I just rocked out to Milli Vanilli and Debbie Gibson. Love it!

Derek and I are going to Disney the 2,3, & 4th of October. I need to get in touch with Mr. Stone and see what he wants to do as far as a meet and greet. I was hoping Ricky was coming, but the new boy has all his attention, so I am guessing not. I hope my TWSS boys (yes they are mine) show up on Friday or Saturday. I would love to see them.

Oh, my new favorite band....

The Airborne Toxic Event - The whole album is GREAT!


Walt said...

Enjoy the cheesy music!!! I know I do!

And have fun at Disney. I'll be cursing your ass out because by the time you get to go, I'll already be back from my Disney trip and be thinking that it's not fair, dammit!!

But I'm hopefully seeing Ricky on my trip. Suffer!!!

Malchera said...

Jeese you must have some C's at your work. I am sorry to hear about the insomnia. Misery loves company. The same thing has been happening to me.

Enjoy Disney. I will send you a card from UNC