Thursday, April 1, 2010

A - Z Music I Love, N is for Nirvana

In 1992, while the bulk of my friends were listening to pop music, I was struggling to find something that satisfied my ears and my soul. Sounds cheesy, but it is true. Music heals, feeds, warms your soul. People don't remember or don't know that. But some of us lucky bastards know when you hear a song or a voice or a melody, that will take us somewhere else or to a moment in time that has found a permanent place in our memory.

I stumbled across a radio station playing Lithium. I needed more. Listening to Bleach and Nevermind over and over. Something in that music spoke to something in me and like millions of other kids, Kurt Cobain became my hero, for a lack of a better term.

I still listen to Nirvana on a regular basis, I still love it, and damn do i feel old to hear that the 20th anniversary of Bleach was released this year. Bleach has my favorite Nirvana song. About a Girl to me is the ultimate love song. If someone made a mix tape (CD now a days) and included this song, I knew it was serious.

This post is coming up on the 18th anniversary of Kurt's death. A death I still morn, but more importantly, a life I still celebrate and music I truly love.

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain

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