Monday, May 5, 2008

Quick Update


It's Cinco De Mayo! I think Cinco De Mayo is funny because, well, I live by the border. And the number of people that go down to Tijuana to celebrate and then they are confused when there are no huge parties going down. It is a good excuse to have mexican food though. Unfortunetly, I had none. I have been eating right for the most part this whole week, which doesn't sound like much, but it was.

Podcasting is going really well. Are last few shows have just been fun as hell. i think tomorrow we will have a very special guest! And Friday we will have Hex joining us again which i am excited about. We need to work out a time for Sasha and Travis to join us! Maybe a week from Friday!

Work is going pretty well, the project I was working on at work was thrown to the way side, but finally me and my supe are meeting tomorrow. Finally! I finally feel like my work didn't go to waste.

One of the sweetest people I know right now is going through a hard time. Just want him to know I am here if you need me. I can't say it enough. *hugs*

Now I am going sleeps sleeps cause i'm tired!


Malchera said...

I hope you enjoyed Cinco de Mayo. I saw an advert for a mexican resturant in Iceland. I am home now. Take care have a great day

Sasha said...

I know you know this, Ms. San Diego, but Cinco de Mayo is an American thing, or as I like to call it, a weekend of celebration invented by Coors. Although, September 16th is celebrated in Mexico and not so much here. Anyway. Since I am the only Hispanic person living in my town, I quietly celebrated Cinco de Mayo at home by speaking bad Spanish to my dogs and cats all day.

Travis won't be home a week from this Friday *cry*. He's gone six days then home for five and leaves on the sixth day again. So that means he's coming home tomorrow and leaving town again next Wednesday. His schedule is not quite as gruesome as it sounds, it's just a little weird.