Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I'm all Disney-ed out

Ok, I love April. More than anything. But no more Disneyland on New Years Eve. hahaha.

I had a fabulous time. I think it was just to know that April had a great time made it worth it. April is hardcore disney. Knows the park like the back of her hand. She even knew what eatery to have dinner at so we would have a good view of fantasmic. I am really glad she had a good time.

I finally went to California Adventure and I loved loved loved tower of terror! haha! Poor Derek didn't want to go on, but he toughed it out. Because Disneyland was at full capacity (ie they stopped selling tickets and refused re-admissions at one point)the fastpasses were already done for the day by 10am. We waited in line 45-85 minutes for the important rides. We rode Pirates twice, Indianan Jones, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder, Peter pan (shut up), Mr. Toad, and Space Mountain in Disneyland, and tower of terror and Soaring over California in California adventure.

Ooh Edward Scissorhands is on! I should go to bed. I am gonna go catch up on some blogs and then ZZZZZZZ


Malchera said...

So did you, see Mickey?

Taylor The Latte Boy said...

Glad to hear that you had a good time.

Now, if you are all Disneyed out, how are you going to come to Gay Days in Orlando in June? I'm holding you to your comment.