Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ok! I am moved in! The only things left at the old place is a few odds and ends. Mostly some trash left over from painting. The new place is a little smaller, but clean and cozy. Poor Jazzmine hates moving, she freaks out. For the first night she stayed under the couch. She is fine now though.

I hate painting. I have a new appreciation for keeping walls white. I will buy colorful pictures for the wall. no more paint!

The no soda has continued. I did have a sip of Derek's chocolate cherry dr. pepper. it only took one sip to determine I don't like it. I mean chocolate in a soda is good in theory, but taste, blech. So I don't know what day I am on and if the sip voids out the previous time. But I have been living on water and ice tea. I am going for a walk after I finish writing this.

Derek has also mentioned that he wants to start eating better and moving. He says he feels lousy all the time. So this will make it a little easier if I know he's now bring nasties in the house.

So after my walk, I'm gonna shower, play some Mario galaxy, make a homemade pizza for dinner. I have a ton of new kitchen gadgets I wanna use so I am excited about dinner.

Ok lovelies, just a little update. same old stuff really.


Malchera said...

choclate cherry dr pepper...


Fairy Princess Holly said...

Glad you're getting settled in your new place. Glad Derek is going to start eating healthier with you, that makes it so much easier!! I only wish Nick would do that. Chocolate cherry Dr. Pepper?? Blech! Scary sounding combo!

Walt said...

I'm glad the move went relatively well. How long before the house warming party? That was our unpacking secret. Set the date for it and you have to be unpacked and set up by that date.

Mr. Bee said...

Thank God! Now have a cocktail!