Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The dentist text messaged me!

So I was at work, trying not to pass out from lack of sleep and boredom, as I do, and I got a text message from my dentist reminding me I have an appointment tomorrow! Waaaaaaaaa! The receptionist called and assured me the gas would be waiting. I think she figure it would panic me a little. I don't know if i like getting random text messages from the dentist. It's like...GET OFF MY BACK, I FLOSS! but that could be just me.

My pal Andrea came in with her baby girl Madie (Madaline) and I held her. I normally shy away from holding babies. It hurts my heart, but in a good way if that makes any sense. I always imagined i would be a mommie and it's a little heartbreaking that I'm not. Derek and I talk about adopting all the time, but we need to get established somewhere first. Most likely in Idaho. Here's hoping.

Today, they had a representative from an organization that deals with Aids in the GLBT community come into our work for a presentation. I was so upset i didn't get to go because I remembered too late. It would have been educational. I was also very happy that my company did this. Normally they have presentations on Weight Watchers and Autism which is important, but thats not all there is in this world of ours. and Congratulations to Babaloo for meeting his fundraising goal for the Aids Walk he and Taffy did! That's awesome.

Now that i have some time on my hands, I think I may start reading again. Ricky has mentioned a book to me and Archerr is always mentioning one on his show. So, I may walk to the Barnes and Noble tomorrow and pick something up. I am a huge fan of the books Gregory Mcguire wrote (Wicked, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, ect) Anyone else familiar with those and know of ones that are similar?

Ok, off to make dinner.


CaitlĂ­n Rosberg said...

Try Neil Gaiman. Some of his stuff is heavy and dark (American Gods) some of it is light and funny (Stardust, which the movie was based on), and some of it is all visual (Sandman graphic novels) but all of it is uplifting, eye opening, and beautifully written. Charles de Lint is really good too. They both have collections of short stories, which are nice if you're looking for something to pick up and put down a few times when you get busy. Hugs!

WyldGade said...

Good luck at the dentist! I don't think I would like my dentist texting me. Weird.

Walt said...

The dentist will be fun. The gas will be even more fun. Enjoy it while it lasts! LOL

Jerry said...

My heart goes out to you! Denist ... Demon ... the two words look somewhat alike for a reason!

Lauren said...

I was at the dentist 2 weeks ago and it turned out I had a cavity. They asked if I wanted it filled that day, and my reply was, "if you give me the nitrous, yes. If no nitrous, never."