Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Things that were good/funny today

My pal Izola brought me her yummy mac and cheese, but also brought me a mix cd full of david cook and NKOTB!

Beth remembered to bring in the movie she was going to let me borrow 3 months ago.

My pal Keela came back from vacation!

Told Ricky to scrapbook about his mussy!

I received the sweetest email from one of the greatest people! He will never know how special his words were to me. For reals!

Received the following video via email from a pal who knew I was in a Dresden Dolls mood and I love Amanda so hard:

and this one too:

Was on Archerr's gang bang show and DQYDJ with Melanie, Patrick, and Stacey! (Missed you Jerry)

Found out my sister and I have something in common with Chip Coffey!

and no one was in the ER!

All I have to say to the above is Hurrah!

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