Friday, December 12, 2008


I'm not sure how long ago it was, a few days, but Walt did 50 random thoughts. While I was laying in bed watching Sister Act 2 (shut up) I thought I should try and see if I could think up 50 things. So here we go.

1) I have heartburn like whoa right now
2) Whoopie Goldberg's smile makes me smile
3) There are people I wish i were closer to
4) The first thing I said after I got married was "I's married now, I's married now!" a la Oprah from the Color Purple.
5) Derek and I have the same size feet.
6) I hate grocery shopping alone, I am always afraid people will judge me based on what is in my cart.
7) I love karaoke because it allows me to sing for an audience and it's ok that I am horrible, because there is always someone worse.
8) I am an emotional eater
9) My mom thinks I need therapy and I am beginning to believe her
10) My sister and I used to tell people that Jennifer Love from Kids Incorporated was our cousin, who knew she would turn out to be Jennifer Love Hewitt.
11) I am jealous of how my sister always fucks up, but always seems to come out on top.
12) I have never had a brand new car
13) My favorite color is red
14) Derek walks around with his zipper down all the time
15) Derek also spills everything he drinks at least once, my poor carpet
16) I have never developed or kept relationships with girls, I think the majority of us are petty and two-faced.
17) I love cooking for other people
18) When ever I am able to purchase a home, the kitchen will be the deciding factor.
19) I dropped out of college because I was afraid of failing.
20) I am intrigued by live web cams of city blocks, I would rather watch people live then leave my house
21) I sometimes think that Derek resents me because I am so afraid to leave the house.
22) Anytime I start to feel better about myself, I sabotage it
23) Did I mention I think therapy is looking like a good solution
24) Every man I have been in a relationship with has been into video games
25) One of my ex-boyfriends wants to draw comic books
26) Sometimes, I don't want to move to Idaho
27) Tori Amos, Kurt Cobain, and Elliott Smith are the most talented people in my eyes.
28) In high school, I checked out books on suicide from the library to get my mom's attention. It didn't work.
29) I would never commit suicide.
30) When asked if I would harm anyone without anyone ever knowing, I don't say no to look like a good person, I say no because I don't like feeling guilty.
31) I hate scary movies
32) the end of the Sixth Sense made me cry
33) My mother is friends with one of my ex-boyfriends and I hate it, even though he's a good guy.
34) I will watch the Cosby Show, Extreme Home Makeover, or Jackass no matter how many times I have seen the episodes.
35) I always think, "gee, I should get my nails done." But never do.
36) I used to think my middle name was Wyoming.
37) I remember the exact location of where I was when I learned what "fliping off" someone meant. It was in front of the mailboxes at the townhouses I lived in when I was ages four through six.
38) I remember my first phone number.
39) Every year, around my father's birthday, I try to find him.
40) I found out my grandmother died while looking for him two years ago. She never knew that my father and I never spoke, she thought my mother kept us from her. My father thanked me for not telling her the truth.
41) I miss playing Atari 2600
42) Sometimes, a friend's text messages save me from a bad day.
43) I love how when I listen to TWSS and they say "whut?" I say "whut" at the same time.
44) My next tatoo will be the phrase "Butterflies don't belong in nets." Bonus points if you know the song and artist.
45) I love glitter (Not the movie, sorry Ricky!)
46) Ricolla!
47) I love watching Cops
48) I miss my friend Kevin more than he will ever know
49) There was a kid I worked with when I was 18 who ripped his pants at work and couldn't afford to buy new pants, and they wouldn't let him work until he got new pants. I bought him pants. I don't know where that thought came from. I wonder what happened to that kid.
50) I love when Maggie yawns in my face.


Christian said...

sister act 2 !?!?!

Number 14 catches my interest though!

Drum Riley Calhoun said...

I LOVE Sister Act 2!! Even though I know they are going to win the competition, I cry like a baby every time!

Shug Avery said, "I's married now! I says, I's married now!" to her father as he drove by on a buggy.

Anonymous said...

I love BOTH Sister Acts! the first one is better of course, but still. I have both soundtracks and they're worn out. The DVD's are getting worn out too.

Malchera said...

I loathe heartburn. Hello from Berlin

Nessa said...

Christian - whut?

Drum - I know Shug said it too, but in the beginning (kinda) Sophia said it after she marries Harpo.

Venus said...

How long did that list take? lol

Nessa said...

venus, it took me like 20 minutes. It was harder than I thought it would be.

Sasha said...

44) Mary by Tori Amos?