Sunday, December 21, 2008

Song of the Day 12/21/08

O Holy Night, by Bing Crosby

Say what you will about Bing Crosby, this song is beautiful and seriously makes me tear up.

I have met some outstanding people this year and am so happy to call them my friends, and in some cases, family and I hope to add to the list in 2009. Who knew you could have so many dads?

Without getting too long winded and sappy, I would just like to say that for those of you who read my blog, listen to the podcasts I was or am involved with, who take the time to write me, send cards, and make the most wonderful Christmas decor for me, thank you.

I say Christmas is what you make it and hope that, regardless of what you celebrate or believe, you make it special and do what makes you happy.


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