Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmastime is Done

So every year for the last five, Derek and I have had a Christmas dinner for my sister, her roommate, and my best pal April. There has been some inclusions and exclusions over the years, but it is something I always look forward to.

This year was no exception, We planned a vegetarian feast for Christmas eve for Derek and I, April and her boyfriend Doug, and April's dad.

So April and I divided up the dishes and can I tell you...I will be catering next year hahahaha! It wasn't that the food was bad, it was fabulous. It was the amount of slicing and dicing we did and having my stove die half way through. haha! So I do not have a stove and we had to finish what we could on the foreman grill and microwave. Last night I was cooking some potato and soy chorizo burritos for dinner last night. I am trying to figure out how I can cook up some past to use up the last of my ricotta cheese and the Italian style "sausage" I have in the fridge. I feel horrible since our landlord just replaced the air conditioner and the garbage disposal. With the economy as shitty as it is, I almost don't want to tell him and cook on the foreman for a month. I know this isn't realistic, but still. But the food that made it through was fabulous and I will probably make the dishes again separately.

So after the company hoisted it out of here, Derek and I went to bed and I passed out. Derek (who needs the 8 hours sleep) woke me up because Santa had come (honk) and he wanted to open the pressies. Derek and his nerdy self haha he got a Mario T-shirt, a Bullet Bill wallet, a few books, some wii points, and the Dark Knight on DVD. He also got some money to be put toward the purchase of his Playstation 3. I got a GPS unit because Nessa does get lost, the third instalment of the Wicked series, all 8 seasons of the Cosby Show on dvd, some vegetarian cookbooks. Derek's parents sent us yummy Cadbury candy and my mom sent some odds and ends. A good time was had by us.

We then had some Carl's Jr for lunch and watched a Christmas Story where I tried to nap. Derek hates when I sleep in the living room so he kept waking me up. We were waiting for Derek's parents to call from the Scotland. Which they did at midnight their time and we chitta chatted about our days and found out my sister in law, Jen, is 3 months pregnant! I am so excited for them! So hurrah!

Today my stupid ass neighbors decided that 8 am was a good time to nail things into the wall. So I got up and curled up on the couch with the cat, drank some coffee, and started catching up on podcasts so I don't have 75 to listen to when I get back to work. I am so excited that the LFC is coming back and I have really enjoyed the shows Big Fatty has done with him. His snowflake skit was hilarious. I loved at the end when Holly said it's always too loud. good stuff!

So I have a favor to ask of you. Between a few people I have $50 in iTunes and of course I have no idea what to purchase. I always have a list in my head, but then I forget what I want. So what's your favorite song or songs. I do need to download some Abba because I have this karaoke game for playstation 2 I am addicted too has a game with just Abba songs. I know maybe 2 Abba songs. Dancing Queen and Take a Chance on me. Derek says that in the UK everyone loves the Abba and he knew more than I did. So I will need to get me some Abba so I can keep up.

So I think I have certainly babbled on long enough! I hope you all had a good holiday and junk and stuff.


Sevi said...

Buy the movie Mama Mia...I just watched it this afternoon.

Malchera said...

Glad you had fun. I was singing Abba, in Germany. Yes, I know it a bit too well...

(F)redddy said...

I'm in the same boat...have a $25 iCard and have no idea what to get! If you figure it out, do let me know!!!

Sorry you stove has crapped out on you. That sucks balls.