Saturday, January 24, 2009


So I wake up this morning and it is dark outside. The sky is full of gray clouds and it has rained or is now raining. My house is completely silent. There is no noise coming from outside except for the occasional plane or car. I grab my coffee and sit on the loveseat next to the window. I have Sabrina on one arm on my right and Jazzmine and Maggie curled up by side on the left. I feel good right now. No drama, no chaos, no stress.

These were the kind of days my mom would listen to the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack. I don't think my mom liked the movie, but for some reason, I got her the soundtrack for Christmas one year. I tie a lot of my memories of my mother to music or film. On the gloomy days like today was Sleepless in Seattle. On Saturday mornings while she was cleaning, we would wake up to the smell of pine-sol and the sound of Cat Stevens. When my mom was feeling down she would watch the Color Purple and An Officer and a Gentleman. She said it was because she needed a good cry and those always worked. Easter was Jesus Christ Superstar which I have only recently found an appreciation for.

Days like today are good times for me to reflect on things. No distractions, just clear thoughts and memories.


Sasha said...

I love days like that especially because I have a lot of trouble relaxing. It's a concentrated effort me. *sigh*

(F)redddy said...

God there's nothing I love more than a rainy day and Cat Stevens.