Sunday, January 11, 2009

Song of the Day 01/11/09

One of my dear friends is having a moment of reflection and this song always reminded me of looking back and feelings it can bring to the surface. There was a point in time when I couldn't even listen to this song without crying, but now it just reminds me of a good person and a good time that wasn't meant to be anything but that.

Blue and Yellow, by the Used

and it's all in how you mix the two
and it starts just where the light exists
it's a feeling that you cannot miss
and it burns a hole
through everyone that feels it

well your never gonna find it
if your looking for it
won't come your way
well you'll never find it
if your looking for it

should've done something but I've done it enough
by the way your hands were shaking
rather waste some time with you

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Starshine said...

I ABSOLUTELY love this song!! I love his voice too! MMMMMM lol I love The Used!! <33