Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Hurrah!

I thought about doing a run down of 2008, but it can be summed up in a short sentence. Things were good, bad, and all things in between. As life is I guess. I think what I am most thankful for is the people I was lucky enough to meet either in person or through the podcasting endeavor. I am very happy about that.

So New Years was fun! I normally don't do anything for New Years because I usually have to work New Years Day and that means up at four in the morning. But this year I managed to get it off and plans were made for Ricky to come to the CA. Well things came up that prohibited Ricky from coming, so Christian, Brian, & Frank and I got drunk and recorded a show for
That's What She Said. The only thing that would have made that better was me being up in the LAs or they being here in the San Diegos. I had a blast bringing in the new year with new friends. whut?

I am still without a stove. We have an appointment to have the new one delivered on Tuesday, but because the wiring for the old one is, well, old we have to have an electrician come in and re-wire the outlet or something...I don't know. So it looks like another two weeks until we will have a functioning stove. I can't wait because I am tired of using the Foreman grill.

So Derek and I are going to Las Vegas in May/June to see the in laws. I am very excited because I have never been and I get what QCast calls ding ding fever. Let's hope I don't get it too badly haha! I should be looking at where to stay and stuff, but I haven't had the motivation. All I have wanted to do is sleep and read. I get into these moods where I like reading and tune out the rest of the world. I am going to start reading the third installment of the Wicked series plus I have two new vegetarian cookbooks I need to go through :)

And a huge shout out to Bjorn for the music! I am so in love with Ra Ra Riot (Robot), Vampire Weekend, and Fleet Foxes!

So yea, resolutions...I normally don't make them because I think that in my mind resolutions are made to fail. But this year, I think I will try to keep them. But they will also go into effect after we have a stove because one of them is not to eat out (heeey) more than once a week and it can't be at a place with a drive thru. My other ones are no candy and I will get back on the no soda deal. So maybe my year will start on Feb 1st. haha!

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Bjorn said...

Glad you like the music. That's my goal.