Monday, March 15, 2010

A - Z Music I Love, G is for Garth Brooks and H is for Hole

Yup, that's right. I said Garth Brooks. I am not a huge fan of country music, but I can appreciate entertainment. When I was 19, maybe 20, I saw Garth in concert with my very first gay. His name was Alex and was the first openly gay man I had ever met. We would go to Hillcrest and hang out, I learned about drag queens and how you could probably tell a top from a bottom.

The concert was great and Alex and I had a great time. I miss Alex. He moved to San Francisco to be with his boyfriend and I never saw him again. I hope where ever he is, he is happy and doing well.

It is surprising to a lot of people that I would like Hole. Yes Courtney is a train wreck, but aren't we all at some point? Hole was different from anything I was listening to at that point and taught me that women can rock, that they don't have to be soft and dainty. Women don't have to be quiet and shy. Train wreck as she may be, Courtney gave me a different look on how a talented woman can be.

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