Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The A-Z Music I Love, C is for Coldplay

Now before anyone groans, let me explain. I am actually not a huge fan of Coldplay; however, I am a huge fan of one of their songs.

Back before Derek and I were married...hell before we lived in the same country, Derek sent me the CD single of this song as a gift. I am not sentimental about material items; however, I still have this CD packed away and will never get rid of it. This song reminds me of falling in love, how exciting it was to have someone adore you, and it reminds me of possibility.

On and on from the moment I wake,

To the moment I sleep,

I'll be there by your side,

Just you try and stop me,

I'll be waiting in line,

Just to see if you care.

Did she want me to change?

But I change for good.

And I want you to know.

But you always get your way,

I wanted to say,

Don't you Shiver? Shiver, Shiver

I'll always be waiting for you,

So you know how much I need ya,

But you never even see me, do you?

And this is my final chance of getting you.

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