Friday, March 19, 2010

A - Z Music I Love, J is for Jimmy Eat World

Back when I first got internet access (like 1999/2000), I was in a random chatroom when a girl named Melanie sent me an IM. For some reason, we clicked. She lived in Jersey and was amazing. She introduced me to bands like Alkaline Trio, Jets to Brasil, and The Juliana Theory just to name a few. Her and I emailed and wrote letters back and forth for several years. When Derek and I got married, she wrote to me that I Derek was a lucky guy and she loved me. She called after that, but I missed the call. When I tried calling back, it was disconnected. I don't make friends with girls easily. Let's face it, girls are bitches. Melanie wasn't, she didn't want anything from me but to be a friend. I miss her. And she introduced me to this song and I will always think of her when I heard it.

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The Graveetas said...

Aw... What a cute and personal memory. Saddzies your not friends with Melanie anymore.