Sunday, June 8, 2008

Birthdays, Family, Food

So I haven't really done a personal update in awhile. I am so busy bitching about everything else that isn't as personal and thats lame.

My birthday was quiet. Just like I wanted. I do have some fabulous friends that gave me very nice pressies...and the darling listeners who called, wrote, made videos, I was so overwhelmed. I lag hard on the thank you notes though. I will send then ASAP. So I started my 30's the way I wanted. So that was good.

My sister...well, she got fired from her job because she was absent more than she went. Her previous employer stopped paying unemployment and she "couldn't" find a job. So she is selling all of her belongings and moving up to Idaho to live in my mom's basement. Not surprised it happened, am surprised it took as long as it did. I hope she get better and grows up. She's 26 now...Being lame is kinda old.

Food. I have decided that I will venture in to the veggie world. I did a vegetarian diet when I was 19, but not a healthy way. So I have been doing some reading and research and have done one week of a pretty healthy diet. My downfall is I love the cheese. I would choose cheese over cookies, cake, brownies...even ice cream. I know Walt and Holly are cringing. I think I am pretty lucky that I will try anything once and I have a pretty good appreciation for different foods.

I am looking forward to the Meat Free Radio podcast. In addition to listening to three lovely guys, I may pick up some tips and ideas. I do need some ideas for tofu. I have very little experience with it, so that is my next step of research.

Any ideas from you foodies or vegetarians out there? Anything you didn't like? I don't plan on going vegan. I am just testing the waters right now.



Malchera said...

I am glad you had a good birthday. Good luck with being a veggie.

Walt said...

You can have cheese on a vegetarian diet, can't you? I thought if you were going full blown vegan, cheese was not an option. I love cheese, too. I eat some every day, whether it's on a salad, on a sandwich or just plain. Mmmmmmmmm.

I'm glad you had a nice quiet birthday. Mine was, as well, though you'd never know it from my demanding birthday wishes on the show. :-)

erik98122 said...

I live in the land of vegie fact most of my friends are vegetarians. If you ever need any help getting started let me know. I actually cook with tofu quite a bit. Some good sources are

also the post punk kitchen
Lot's a good recipes and tips.

I can also direct you some cook books I like to use.

I'm NOT a vegetarian ( I freakin live for bacon)but I try to balance out the crap with some healthy stuff thrown in. My parents raised us vegetarian so I kind of rebelled and went all meat all the time when I moved out! ha!

I really think a vegetarian diet is really healthy...though trying to go vegan is a big pain in the ass.

Good luck!!
erik in Seattle

Glad the birthday was a good one! I'm like you, I like to mostly ignore them and deflect the attention they bring.