Friday, June 27, 2008

Shameless Promotion

So, my wonderful employer has asked that I send the following to my friends and family via email. I hate when I get emails like that. So I figured I would post it here. If it makes me look good for the bigwigs, why not.

Hi Friend and/or family!

I hope your day is going well...

Times are tough and prices are high, so we are having a special campaign to refer

friends and family to GEICO to see if they can save money on their insurance.

All you need to do is CALL the number above to get a FREE rate quote.

We have great rates and service, so hopefully you’ll be able to save and make the switch

to GEICO, but even if you don’t, I get credit for the quote, so please CALL TODAY!

Give my unique code when you call: 113038.

Please pass this information to your friends and family

to see how much they can save too!

Thanks-- Nessa

1 comment:

Kevin Bee said...

No offense Nessa. I hate your company. All of a sudden they cannot locate the lovely Canadian family that rear-ended Michael. So much for getting our money back.