Thursday, June 26, 2008

I WAS stimulated

So I was starting to feel better about everything, we had some great podcasts come out, things at home were good, work was getting better. Then I got my government stimulus check on Tuesday! Hurrah!

So i had all these things I had planned on buying, and I need work clothes pretty badly.

Then I am going to work Wednesday morning and hear BANG. I was like what the fuck. Then I hear BANG followed by flump flump flump. I was like fuck thats my car. SO I full over on the side of the highway and my front tire exploded. So I had to spend a big chunk of my "fun" money on tires. BWA BWA BWAAAAAAAAAA!

So I purchased some work pants, some t shirts, I need to go get new chonies and bras, I also stocked up on my makeups, I spent more on make up then I did on clothes...Is that bad?

i just talked to Ricky and we talked about hooking up when he's in the LAs! I need to pick something for us to do Friday or Saturday. YAY!

Then the following weekend is Dad, Tim C., and possibly Auntie Vera. Speaking of Dad, while I was shopping on the internets, I saw the following:

My dad is EXPANDING! Can I have an increase in my allowance?

Oh, and I bought the black cherry color :)


Sasha said...

I love Urban Decay's eyeshadows. I know you like Urban Decay because you mentioned it on the show. :) I remember back in the paleolithic era (the 80s) when colored mascaras were really popular and I -loved- them. I've been looking for some ever since. Where did you find your colored mascara online?

Were Mean Because Youre Stupid said...

I had blue, pink, and purple mascara when I was in middle school! :) Good times!

Were Mean Because Youre Stupid said...

Oops, I meant to use my own account. :) It's Holly.

Were Mean Because Youre Stupid said...

Sasha I got the mascara from Urban Decay :)

Walt said...

Chonies? What's that?

Sasha said...

Walt, "chonies" is little kid slang in Spanish for "panties".

Melanie said...