Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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I will keep this brief.

I will no longer be participating with the We're Mean Because You're Stupid podcast. I was asked to leave because of my behavior regarding the situation I blogged about before.

I do not have anything bad to say about Holly or Walt, I won't say anything negative about them, and I wish them luck with continuing the podcast on their own.

I am very thankful for the people I have met through this show who i would never have met otherwise. I hope that I can continue my friendships with you all and that you keep in touch.

Thank you so very much for making me feel included in this community when I didn't feel at home anywhere else.



Jocko Homo said...

What a shame.

Your contributions were actually the only reason that I sporadically listened to the show.

You were the sweet one. The other two often came off as brittle and always reaching for humour.

It may be time that you ventured out on your own and started your own podcast. Something sweet that reflects you, along the lines of Auntie Vera Charles.

Best of luck, Nessa.

Wes said...

Who will look after your bitches?

Zephyr Gentility said...

Hey Nessa,

I really have no involvement with whatever happened. I will say that I will miss you HARDCORE. It's kinda weird but you remind me exactly of my sister. We don't talk because I'm gay and she's not accepting, so I always love listening to any show you're on.

In a way, you've been like a sister, without even knowing it =)

So thanks so much, Nessa. I hope there aren't too many bad feelings between you all and that we can still hear from you.

You have the best day you can, darling!

Benny said...

I'm usually content to just listen and don't comment at all on blogs or podcasts but when I read this I felt my mood drop like a stone!

You were (and are) one of my favourite podcasters and I adored the life you brought to WMBYS. I really hope you continue podcasting or blogging in some form or another.

All the best!

Melanie said...

Oh, sweetie, please tell me this isn't so.

erik98122 said...

oh man! :( This whole thing has me so bummed out!

Anonymous said...

Are you all in Junior high?

Nessa said...

Hello everyone, I will address all your comments at once here...

Jocko Homo, I appreciate you saying I am sweet. Holly and Walt are funny, but I think what made the show great is how we all bounced off each other. They may have a different dynamic when they continue. I would give them a chance.

I don't know if i will venture out on my own. I am taking a break, because I put a lot of time into the WMBYS and I am not ready to jump back in. But thank you for your suggestion, who knows what will happen.

Wes, those bitches will always be my bitches. They will be taken care of :)

Zephyr Gentility, I am humbled to know I reminded you of your sister. Maybe someday your sister will come around. If you ever want to talk, please feel free to email me. missxomisery@aol.com.

Benny, thank you for your comment, I am honored that I was one of your favorites. I will continue blogging for now. I don't know about dipping my toes in the podcasting pool, but who knows.

Melanie, I already emailed you separately. Thank you for being my friend.

Erik, I am sorry this bums you out, I am bummed out too. It will be ok, I promise!

Anonymous, This is all kind of childish. One of pals said to me that this medium is supposed to be fun. I think some of us were not having fun anymore and took it too seriously. I learned a lesson, I hope other people do too.

Sasha said...

I'm sorry all of this is happening. I thought it was just a little thing that would get straightened out. :(

Severina said...

Holy Cat I don't know what to say. I am gobsmacked. Just gobsmacked. I am so going to miss you and your laughter. Wow I am at a loss for words.

Holy Cat.....