Sunday, August 3, 2008

Up too early

So Derek finally comes to bed at 2:45am. He tosses and turns to get comfortable, three minutes later gets up to go to the bathroom and tosses and turns again. This goes on for the next 15 minutes because Derek is mental! He has some deep seeded fear that he will piss himself while he sleeps or something. And this isn't the first time his up and down for 20 minutes has kept me awake. So I have been awake since 2:45am. (which is a good Elliott Smith song)

Anyways. I did get somethings done this morning. I purchased some birthday pressies for Dad. Read up on all the blogs I have let slip over the week, updated the iTunes, and started to listen to the 30 plus podcasts that have built up since Wednesday.

I have a new obsession. I have always been intrigued by Mediums and ghost hunting and junk. There are two shows I LOVE on the A&E's. The First one is Paranormal State and the second is Psychic Kids. The common thread on these two shows is Chip Coffey. Something about him is interesting and certainly entertaining. And he looks a little like Big Fatty, which I am listening to out of order, I just realized.

WMBYS' 50th show is going to be recorded on Tuesday. i think that is so exciting. I also get to be a guest on PIMC's 69th episode with my boyfriend Taylor, Taffy, Rodan, Tom, and someone else. So that will be fun.

Can you tell that I am just talking to take up time? I wonder what time Starbucks opens on Sundays. I will for sure need it.

Did I mention that I love Eddie Izzard?


Walt said...

You're going to be tired tonight. Killing Derek would be considered justifiable homicide, I believe.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

I love those two shows too! I've watched them both from the begining...but sometimes Paranormal State scares the crap out of me! :)

Anonymous said...

I've seen the shows but stopped watching them because they were getting too um...I don't know, not as believable I guess? I take the ghostie stuff too seriously, that's my problem. I do enjoy Ghost Hunters though.

Lauren said...

I love those shows! Medium is so cool, too, though its not real. I also love Patricia Arquette's bangs...should I get bangs? I think I'm going to get bangs..