Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I have been thinking all week, what did I want to write here about Thanksgiving. I know that this is the day we express our thanks for things that are good in our lives. I, like so many others, have a a lot to be grateful for. However, I do want to use this moment for two things, one kind of serious, then one silly.

With so many wrong doings in the world, we should work as hard as we can to be kind to one another. There may be people you don't agree with on a number of topics like religion, politics, personal decisions, ect. All any of us want in this life is to find some hapiness and do things that we enjoy. We can spend time being angry and bitter, but that only wastes time. With so many changes on the horizon, and many more we will need to fight for, lets not waste time fighting each other and be kind to each other. Be kind to people you don't know as those people may be helping you later down the line. For those people who can truely live this way, I am thankful.

I wish EVERYONE the best and hope that you have things you are thankful for and that you experience kindness from others and you are able to show it in return.


Sevi said...

Happy Turkey Day Nessa!!! May your Tofurky taste as good as my deep friend one!!!


Christian said...

Awwww I love that cartoon! I hope you had a great feast!

Without Smearing My Eyeliner said...

Wonderfully said - I bet if I didn't try to say something similar while I had YOUR flu kicking MY ass - mine would said as nice! Happy Thanksgiving!