Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving countdown

I am watching a Thanksgiving special on the food network. I always thought you should toast the bread you use, huh. Tyler Florence didn't toast the sourdough cubes. Sorry, that's a little random.

So this will be my first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian. I will admit that a part of me is a little sad because I always associated Thanksgiving with the meal. So this will be a challenge. I am making Derek a turkey breast, but everything else will be vegetarian. Sage and mushroom stuffing, Green beans, potato au gratin, and i have "chicken" breasts that I really like that I am pretty confident they will be very tast smothered in gravy. Plus the ceremonial pickles and olives. My mom would always put out the bread and butter pickles and black olives while she cooked to keep the kids busy. So I continue it because, well because I am :)

What dishes do you all have?

So I am working on getting over a cold or the flu. I had planned on Christmas shopping last week, but I was in a NyQuil coma for the most part. So I am starting now. I am also starting on my Christmas cards. I love sending Christmas cards. So if you are a regular reader of my blog and I don't have your address, email me at

So Derek and I are two weeks into the podcast and it is going pretty well. Derek is pretty excited about how many comments we've gotten on the blog and how many followers. It has been a lot of fun to brain storm with him. I don't say it enough because I try not to be overly mushy, but he really is a good guy. So enough of that hehe!


Kevin Bee said...

That is so flipping funny. My mom always put out a dish of little dills, black olives and celery! I am doing it this year as well.

Lauren (Or LaLaLauren, if you so desire!) said...

We're Italian, so we always have an antipasto for lunch around noon, and eat at a normal dinner hour. A lot of people in the midwest eat very early, I dont understand why! I was veggie last year and just had all the other stuff, and no turkey. This year I will do the same but I'm going to make my favorite new dish and see how the family likes it. Sauteed garlic tofu with cous cous...Its yumtastic if I do say so myself!

(F)redddy said...

Bread and butter pickles are VOMITUS.

Lucky I read this right this second, cuz I just finalized my Thanksgiving menu and printed out my grocery list. So, since ya asked, here you go. T-Giving dinner at Casa de Adrian y Nathan.

For appies we’ll be having stuffing stuffed stuff mushrooms (ala Rachel Ray)
Main course we’ll be having Turkey, stuffing, mashed taters, sweet potato casserole, broccoli rice casserole, green bean casserole, and Sister Schuester dinner rolls! For desert we’ll be having a caramelized pumpkin cake, pumpkin pie, and apple pie. We will NOT be having shag nasty bread n’ butter pickles!

Nessa said...

Kevin, I think it's a CT thing, my mom grew up in Hartford and her mom did it.

La La Lauren, can't wait for the recipe.

Freddy, I love the bread and butter pickles. Stuffing stuffed mushrooms sound really good!

Christian said...

Well I hope you are feeling better! Too bad they got rid of the old nyquil formula! That use to do the trick! ;)
Being mexican we tend to do whatever the "rich white man" has taught us over the years of working on their gardens!
But I'm making my mom's pumpkin-cheesecake! Hurrah!
Perhaps for x-mas I can make some lemon bars and send some your way!?!

Drum Riley Calhoun said...

The relish tray, pickles, olives, and celery, made it down to the south where I grew up too. My mom has always done that.

Sevi said...

We always have sweet gerkins and black olives as well as the assortment of Siclian Olives and cheese and salami. I have to bring the appetizers this year so I am making baked brie with caramel and walnuts, cheese & beer pretzel dip and of course pigs in a blanket. For the last 8 years we always have a roasted turkey and a deep fried turkey which by the way, the evil - well that is what I tell everyone while I am shoving it in my damn pie hole. Have a happy holiday!!!