Saturday, November 1, 2008

yaaaaay lay-offs

On Monday, I was sitting down for the night and my phone rings. It's my mom. The first thing I think is oh no, scooter died. (Scooter is her 15 year old cat who isn't doing so great). She said I just need to talk to someone on my drive home.

As of January 15, my mom will be laid off from her job. Her whole department will be laid off. My stepdad, who works for the same company, has been put on warning that his department could be next unless they show cause to keep them. So both my parents may be unemployed. It stresses me out a bit. I know they will be ok, I have to believe they will.

In other news...

Our air conditioner broke. This might not seem like a big deal to most of you because youre expecting snow, or it's been cooler than normal. All last week...the highs here in the east county was 98 degrees. Today doesn't seem so bad, but it really doesn't get warmer until later in the day. Our air conditioner will be fixed on Thursday. So I am hoping it continues to cool down and we won't need it, but it will be ready for next year.

Now that Halloween is over, I can start concentrating on The big holidays in my house. Well, Christmas. I start shopping now. Because money is so tight, I need to start now so I can cover all my bases. Thanksgiving will be easy since Derek and I both work and I am throwing together a vegetarian Shepard's pie for dinner. I actually learned a recipe for Shepard's pie from Paula Dean, I will need to adjust it to make it vegetarian.

This lady on TV is making peanut butter pancakes. That sounds really good!

That's it for now, other than election day on Tuesday! I know there is a lot of disagreement on the two candidates. I support Obama because he focuses on the things important to me. I am by no means going to preach to you all, but I do ask that you look at what is important in your life and vote for who you think will make our standard of living better. I believe Obama/Biden will do this for us.

Those of you in California. We need to vote NO on Prop 8! Regardless of what you think marriage should be, it discriminatory to not allow all tax-paying Americans to have the same rights. This, to me, is like saying a white man cannot marry a black women. i mean how ridiculous does that sound. You love who you love and everyone should have the same right to marry and live the life most of us strive for.


kim beaver said...

Very well said Nessa! i couldn't agree with you more. You will see, when Obama will be elected the economy will get a boost and your parents will quickly find a new job!

No on 8!!!!!

Love you and your great blog xo kb

Malchera said...

Sorry about your parents, and I hope the Air conditioner is repaired. Good luck for Crimbo!