Sunday, November 2, 2008

Finally, Fall Makes an Apperence and Song of the Day, 11/02/08

So after a month of 98-101 degree weather, today we have dark clouds and a high of 66! Hurrah! I love fall and winter so much. So to celebrate I made a tummy corn-potato chowder. Not entirely from scratch, I used a V8 southwestern corn soup as a base. Added onions, garlic, white wine, more corn, potatoes, and a spoon full of sour cream. It was so good. I have a broccoli soup from V8 I want to use, but am having a tough time thinking what I can put into it to make it my own. Derek doesn't like broccoli so I really have to jazz it up so he doesn't think that's all it is. And Derek reads this so hiii!

Work was pretty busy so the time went by pretty fast. I love when we change the clock back, yay for an hour of sleep! I stayed up watching this show about past presidents. It was actually quite interesting. I love history junk though. I fell asleep about midnight and Derek wakes me up at like 2am and tells me I need to change my clock! Normally I would have been annoyed that he woke me up, but an hour of sleep I didn't think I was going to get made me happy.

Um, I think that's it...Oh Yea, song of the day. No special lyrics, just reminds me of my best pal April. Poison Arrow, by ABC


Starshine said...

wouldn't that be semi-homemade?? aahhh!!

Nessa said...

I hate that show! How dare you! ;)

Lauren said...

You actually got up in the middle of the night to change the clock! why didnt you just do it before you went to bed? hehe

Nessa said...

No Lauren , I forgot about the time change, Derek woke me up to remind me.