Monday, November 10, 2008

No title because I am not so creative today

this last week has been emotional for me. And when I am overly emotional or stressed, I get to experience the wonderfulness of a migraine. hurrah! So I called in sick and downed some drugs and slept until almost 3 this afternoon. I am now catching up on Chef Jeff Program and CSI Las Vegas.

When I thought about writing more about how I was feeling about what has been going on with the election and everything else, but I strangely feel relieved. Not about the election so much, but my feelings with Robbie, my mother's health, and my parents' job status. I realized that there are things I can't control and things I can. There are things I can fight for and things I can't. Why should I dwell on these feelings, I need to move forward and do what I can to make things better.

Moving on.

Saturday, Derek and I went to see Zac and Miri Make a Porno. Funniest movie I have seen in a long time. I am a huge fan of Kevin Smith and I certainly not disappointed. Plus you see Jay's junk! We then went to the Targets and started purchasing things for Christmas. We went to Souplantation for lunch. Souplantation is a salad, soup, and pasta bar. What I like is they indicate on their labels what is vegetarian friendly. Plus they have a frozen yogurt bar. Fat free dark chocolate yogurt is so good!

I am so very happy that autumn has shown itself finally. Yesterday was raining and dark and today has also been chilly. I know this sounds like crap for those of you in the northwest and the east coast, but really, when you spend May through October in temperatures in excess of 90, 60 feels damn good. And that means soup! I made a yummy corn chowder last week and I have the makings for a mushroom soup. I had planned to make it today, but I still am kind of wobbly so Derek picked me up some La Salsa. The owner knows I am vegetarian and takes care in making my food. I like the taco salad, black beans, rice, a ton of romaine lettuce, avocado, sour cream, salsa, and I drizzle of their avocado hot sauce. So good!

Ok, I am going to finish watching CSI. Yummy Grissom! lol!

Thanks everyone for your emails and comments regarding my last post. It meant a lot.


Walt said...

So what is normal temperature supposed to be for this time of year? Is it colder than it should be or is it finally normal?

Nessa said...

I would say the normal fall temp is arounf 75 ish. Later this week it's predicted we will be in the mid to high 80's again. I wish Mother Nature would get on the "Nessa loves the cold" bandwagon.