Friday, December 7, 2007

A Boat Full of Johnnys!

Ok so tonight I went to my pal April's house and we have a really great dinner and watched Pirates 3. There is a part where I guess Jack Sparrow is going crazy and there is like 20 Johnny Depps! Love it! I mean really, who wouldn't want at least one?

Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS BAKING EXTRAVAGANZA! Nessa will be in the kitchen making yummy treat for some of my pals. I promise not to spit in anything :) I am super tired. Nighty Night!


Fairy Princess Holly said...

Where's the sport in it if you don't spit in a couple of give those to the people who pissed you off a little this year! ;) Hehehe!

Malchera said...

Surely its a ship full of Johnny's ? Unless its a submarine! :)


Good luck with the baking

Mr. Bee said...

Ahh Johnny. Good looking, good actor, all around nice guy and in a few weeks we get to hear him will be a good Christmas this year.

Malchera said...

Thanks for the Card! How many more days to Sweeny Todd?