Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Time to hire movers

Ok, so (I blame you Pod is my co-pilot for me saying that alllll the time)

I did 40 minutes of OT today, feeling a little better from the migrain I had this morning. There are 2 messages on my machine from Derek. He never says what he wants, he says my name 50 times and then says he'll call back.

So I get a hold of him and find out that we have been asked to vacate the premises by February 1, 2008 so the owner can live here. I wasn't mad about it because she gave us 60 days instead of the required 30. I was kind of expecting it. The only thing that is making it hard is Maggie. It is really hard to find a place that accepts dogs. And, I hate moving. I am seriously going to do a purge of my stuff so I have less to move. For reals, I am really considering hiring movers.

We may have found a place already, Derek is going to call them tomorrow. I have a list of a few other places that are in the vicinity. We are limited due to Derek's lack of driver's license and our sucky public transportation.

Blah, I really hate moving!

If all else fails, I'm moving in with Holly!

In good news though, for me at least is that my pal Keela may be working the same shift I do! I worked with her when I was in a phone unit and when I worked nights. I love her.

Ok I need to go to bed.

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