Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cough Couch Hack

So I have the flu. I blame Izola. She came to work sick. bah. I hate being sick.

So the house hunt is still going on. We may have found a condo the next cul de sac over. The gentleman who we have been dealing with, his mother owned it. Derek said she fell off a bus they use to drive the elderly around in. I feel so bad for him. And he's all alone for Christmas. I almost want him to come to my house, even if he doesn't rent the condo to us.

Work is alright.

I received my mother's christmas box today. A Christmas card from The Qcast boys. Walt sent me the most amazing Christmas cds that i have been enjoying almost every day :). I have a little something coming from Fairy Princess Holly too. I have been so blessed this years with all my new pals.

Ooh Jesus Christ Super Star is going to be here with Ted Neeley in January! :x My mom is going to see it in Washington this month. how awesome.

sorry, random. I really had a million things to say, but my brain has decided to shut down. I think I'm gonna make some sweet potato fries. maybe...not.


Malchera said...

Your so nice, worrying about the gentleman, with the Condo.

It drives me crazy, when people come to work, and are coughing all over you. Terrible in hades, as there are no windows,

Enjoy Jesus Christ Superstar, take care, get well soon

Walt said...

I hope the condo comes through for you. House hunting sucks, but not as much as moving, which you have coming next.

I'm glad you are enjoying the cds.

Walt said...

How insensitive of me. Feel better.

Nessa said...

Ru, thank you! As always, you are a great pal :)

Walt, not insensitive, after all you are in a sugar induced coma.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Poor baby! Hope you feel better soon!