Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Twitter Twatter

Ok, my newest addiction...Twitter.

It's weird. It's like a slow chat room, yet I can't look away. It's nice that I can converse with all my podcast pals because they are all lovely people. I still don't know if I am working it right, but it's fun. So we'll see how that develops.

Next...is Skype. I hear all this hulabaloo about it, and I'm curious. Sounds like a phone through the computer. I don't know who I would talk too. I would be sitting here staring at my screen hearing voices and trying to figure out how to talk. I am so technically retarded.

Anywho, I should go to bed. But I am waiting for my friend Laura to call me back. She's having problems with the babies daddy...blah


Venus said...

skype skype skype skype ;)


Malchera said...

I have Skype. My Russian friends like it. I use it to practice English with them.
I keep it running in the background. If I want to send off, an sms/text message to someone, I find it easier then using my phone.

Archerr said...

You could talk to podcasters....you could join in on my group shows. We'd love to have you! Add me to your Skype list: archerradio

Fairy Princess Holly said...

You could talk to me on skype, too! :)

Walt said...

I should get skype, too, now that I have a computer that can handle it. But I'm retarded.