Thursday, December 20, 2007

Great Good and Bad

So first off, the great news. Derek and I found a condo that is the next cul-de-sac over. The owner called yesterday and said we wanted to meet with us on Saturday to sign the lease. So, by the way I see it, we'll be moving on Jan 15th. So that is a huge relief.

The good news. My pal April's mom is in town for Chrimbal and April's 30th birthday. April has been my pal for 20 plus years, so of course I love her mom. Some aspect of her mother's lifestyle make me uncomfortable, but I love her regardless.

The bad news. My mom has a cat named Scooter Pie. My mom got Scooter when I was 14. Scooter is staying over-night at the vets because they think her kidneys are failing. If thats the case, my mom will be putting her down. :(! So I have been a little sad. I cried a little bit. I hate that part of having pets. Seriously, I will need help when it comes to be Maggie's time :(. When Harvey got hit by a car last year, I seriously needed a day off of work because I couldn't stop crying. He was only 5. :( Now I'm all depressed. blarg indeed.


Archerr said...

Aw.....sorry to hear about the cat. That's sad. But congrats on the condo!

Malchera said...

Good luck with Kitty, Good luck with finding a new place

Mr. Bee said...

I am so sorry to hear about the cat. We lost Roxzanne this year. The "wailing pussy." It is sad and you should not apologize for needing to mourn, even if it is a day off from work. I am surprised you did not need a week. Those little creatures are a very importat part of our lives.

Walt said...

Oh Nessa, I'm really sorry to hear about Scooter Pie. Losing a pet is so fucking hard. I lost Puss Patrell two years ago in January and I still find myself tearing up when I talk about her. She was my baby. Sending Hugs.