Friday, December 28, 2007

Skype Me Baby

XO_Nessa <-- That's me on the Skype. Add me bitches!

Also, Just for research sake, what programs do you all use for recording and editing your podcasts? (I have a PC)

Taylor, I don't know how you read this dummies book, I am lost in it. haha!

Ok I'm gonna go play with this thing.


Anonymous said...

I sent you an add, but I'm qcastct

Try MX Skype Recorder. I've always had good luck with that.

Don't listen to Taylor. He lies.

m :-)

Fairy Princess Holly said...

I'm fariyprincessholly on skype! :)

Fairy Princess Holly said...

And I guess I meant fairyprincessholly. Typo. :(

Taylor The Latte Boy said...

I use Audacity for recording and editing the show. It's freeware and very easy to use.

And if what Michael says is true, then I have a really small penis.

Walt said...

Damn, now I have to get Skype. Maybe I'll do it this week.