Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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i am happy to report that as of now, the podcast will be chugging along. I will not lie when I say it was hard to see my pal be so upset and couldn't do anything to make it better. But in the grand scheme of things, I love what podcasting has brought into my life and I love my co-whores a ton.

Right now I have a large amount of respect for Tim C., Archerr, John Ong, and Chef Mark. They have all said a lot of things regarding this past weekend that have made a lot of sense and helped me understand that podcasting isn't always candyland and chutes and ladders. I think that we had so much support when we started that we couldn't imagine or even thought that any aspect of what we were doing would be attacked or one of us being personally beat down.

I guess what I am trying to say if I am thankful for Holly and Walt. I am thankful for our FABULOUS fans and friends (who are one in the same for me) who have been so vocal in their support. And though I didn't like seeing Holly hurt, I am thankful this happened early on in our podcast endeavor, I think we are little more prepared in what might happen down the line.

So I'm brushing the dirt off my knees (shut up) and I am going to continue.

And how much do I love Ricky, Mary, and Melanie from the last group show?! I havent laughed so much in awhile. Thanks you guys!


(F)redddy said...


Sasha said...

I read Holly's post about this first, then I read yours and I still don't know exactly what happened but obviously it was one of those hateful Internet things that happens once in awhile and almost spoils everything. I already bluh bluh bluh'd in Holly's comments about an online journal I kept for many years that was rather popular and how I used to get a lot of hate email. Some of it was really bad. Having exposure of any kind online makes you a target for shitty people, so kill them all and let god sort them out...or whatever.

Michael in Stuttgart said...

Good decision.

WooooooHooooooooooooo!!! :)

Forget them f*ck*rs (pardon my French) and focus on your fans and friends. We do not love you for nothing!
I admire your courage to put yourselves out there. This makes you vulnerable at times and it is obviously not always easy but it also creates so much fun and love and a feeling of friendship. Freddy is very right. This is a family, a virtual one, but the good feelings you give us (how did you bruise your knees dear? Again?) are real.
Thank you for all the effort. We truely appreciate it. (Maybe you should get yourself a cushion? or a little crate?)
You guys are great!

Melanie said...

Yay! We love you guys, and you would be sincerely missed if you decided to bail on the podcasting.

And MAN, that group show was fun!

erik98122 said...

Excellent news! My ipod would be VERY sad if it's didn't get it's weekly injection of Mean! Oh that sounds nasty! :)

Love you guys!


RambleRedhead said...


You know that I love all three of you on the show and I like all of others were very upset about what happened that night.

I am glad that you know there are alot people who do care for you and wish you all the best!