Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bye Thanksgiving! Hello Chrimbal!

So Derek and I are huge Christmas (or Chrimbal) nerds and have already decorated the tree(s) and the house. I made a little video to show you :D! Yes, I am lame!

Chrimbal Trees

Yes I have 2 trees. the little one at the end Derek bought for us on our first Christmas as a married couple. We wouldn't have had one unless he did cause we were super poor then. He said he grabbed it because it was super cheap. I like it. The big one is also a fakey because the cats are retarded about real ones. So when they are too old to care, we will get real ones.

hehe! I am off to bed, I get the pleasure of working :/

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and you stuffed yourselves silly :D


Malchera said...

cool, so cool. I like the blue lights. Once you start making movies, you never stop though :)

Walt said...

I'm so glad you have more than enough Christmas cheer for the both of us. Maybe closer to the holiday I'll find some, but not yet.

Mr. Bee said...

Girl, you know I love you. Buy a mantle! LOL.

Fairy Princess Holly said...

Glad you have enough Christmas Cheer...hopefully it's enough for Walt and I both! This is the time of year I threaten to convert...I already have 2 menorahs just in case! :)I just find Christmas too stressful to enjoy.

Festivus for the rest of us! :) hehehe

Walt said...

I blame my years in retail for my intense dislike of Christmas because that's an easier excuse to fall back on, but I've had some pretty shitty Christmases prior to that that turned me against the holiday.

As for Festivus, that was Ken's most favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's. He'd gone into a funk when Christmas was gone and so was the ice cream.